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  1. Congrats to Carson. Very nice player and a good addition for NKU. I know one player who NKU is going to regret letting get away. They are doing a good job recruiting the state
  2. Ballboy you obviously don't know much about basketball. HAGEN made 1ST TEAM ALL,STATE for a reason. And you say you saw Boyle play at state tournament . So which game did he not impress you in? The first game where he scored 18 points and had 8 rebounds and 4 steals, the 2nd game against the #1 team in the state where he completely dominated the game and scored 32 points and 12 rebounds , or the 3rd where he had 12,5,5?? And played the whole tournament sick. You can't judge a player after only seeing them play once or twice.
  3. What a game..what a comeback !!!!! Jeremiah Bell carried Boyle Co throughout most of the game and then Hagen got going in crunch time like he always seems to do. He is just clutch!! So Is JB. Those boys showed great heart and fortitude to come back and win that game. I got a feeling that after this week Bell will start hearing from colleges more. Why he hasn't gotten more attention is beyond me. Bell and Tyler are the best backcourt in the state IMO. Yes I'm biased but there's not many guards who can do the things they do knowing the defense is always geared to stopping them. And your not going to find 2 more clutch players then Jeremiah Bell and Hagen Tyler. GO REBELS !## SIDE NOTE: this team broke the record for most wins in a season held by the '98 team (my senior year). Congrats and this team will go down as one of the best ever at Boyle County
  4. Spencir Perrin only played one or 2 seasons for Boyle so I wouldn't consider him in the conversation . He was a very good player Tho and could jump out of the gYm. I'll never forget when he caught one off the rim and in mid air reversed it over 2 people. Yes I am biased of course but I think Hagen is the best player to ever come thru Boyle Co With Derek Springate a close second. Maybe 1a and 1b. Guess Im biased both ways bc I played with Springate. The things he could do on the court were just crazy. He use to just drive other teams crazy and was about 5'11" and couldn't jump over a book.
  5. What a game. What a ride!!!!!! The atmosphere in that gym tonight was electric . I have never heard a gym that loud . what a way for a great rivalry the last 4 years between these 2 teams come to an end. watching Hagen ( and J Bell ) and Jacob Conway put their teams on their back at the end of the game was fun to watch. Hagen wasn't going to be denied tonight. I still remember when he was little growing up we would always shoot ball on his Lil tyke basketball goal and do best out of 10 for hours . Even then he had the drive and dedication to become the player he is now . We won region my senior year for the first time in school history and now he wins it his senior year. And to be honest, watching him win it was just as special if not more . These boys are never going to forget this moment and BIG REBEL NATION is going to invade Rupp Arena next week and support these boys 100%
  6. It was a great shot but there's no way humanly possible you can catch , turn and shoot in .6 seconds. Not taking anything away from Woods but that shot shouldn't have counted . Looked like the refs wanted no part in it. From what I wax told that one ref made numerous questionable calls in Wayne Co favor . That being said why is nobody mentioning when the kid threw the ball out of bounds to give Wayne the ball . Can't imagine how the kids from West Jess are feeling to have a game like that taken from them but they shouldn't have put themselves in that situation . Is there any update on Stearns status for Monday?
  7. If a referee went to one of the schools playing in the game and even played basketball for that school, that should automatically knock him out of calling that game!! Period! It's obvious that ref hates Boyle. Look at the last game Boyle and Lincoln played at Boyle. Even tho the Rebels won he made numerous calls in Lincoln favor that made you scratch your head. Scott Bottoms needs to do a better job of assigning officals. Most Of ALL Mark Bryant just needs to hang up his whistle. Worst ref I have ever seen.
  8. They both have to get to champ game before that will happen.
  9. What grade is he in?? Don't know very much about this kid. Have heard some good things
  10. 13th region refs are almost as bad as the 12th region..almost!!!! Especially that one red who wants to stand out and wants everybody to notice him and is more worried about who is in the stands then who is playing on the court. Things are going to get,very interesting
  11. Mark Bryant is the worst official in the state. It's not even close. He just wants people to look at him and look cute instead of doing his job. I didn't get to go to the game but I can only imagine how bad he was
  12. Went to doctor last week and he was measured at 6'4" 1/2. He is continuing to grow and people gotta realize he isnt even 17 yrs old yet. Best years are still ahead of him. IMO he hasn't reached his full potential yet. Most of these high profile seniors are already 18 yrs old, some even 19.
  13. Wow!! That is a beatdown. Knott Co Central has a very good team
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