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  1. Just think in a couple years when they play again. Danville and Boyle both have outstanding Sophomore classes. Danville should be good with Don Harris, DeMaria VanCleave, David Walker, Christian Hill, and Tyquan Mathews lil brother. Then you got Bramel, Kaden, Tiller, and bunch of great lineman for Boyle, add in that great freshman class and they're loaded. The future looks good in title town. Its time to bring some championships back!
  2. That was Danville's biggest problem last year, they couldn't stop the run for NOTHING. Rocks biggest threat (run) versus the Ads weakness (stopping the run) should be interesting to say the least
  3. I think they start 4 to 5 sophomores on Defense, so the future is definitely bright. They even play a freshmen on the line.
  4. I think last year's team had too many "ME" players, I think this team is more of a let's do this a "team" squad. I think we will see just how good Danville is on Friday, If they win that game and Beat Boyle the next week I will definitely put them as, D. Until then they haven't shown me nothing to be saying they are contenders!
  5. You guys better not count Garrard County out. It was just one game, besides when your best Receiver is out, which is also their best DB that's a huge loss. Garrard is whole different team when Nick is out there!
  6. Southwestern will win 35-7. I see the Warriors having a real nice season. Wouldn't surprise me if they're in Bowling Green this year. French can flat out coach, and he got his team believing they can win!
  7. Although Boyle's Offense didn't show me much, I think the D will cause Bell problems. I'm going with Boyle 28-7
  8. I think Rockcastle will have to much depth, size, and will wear Danville down in the 4th qtr. I just dont see Danville being able to stop a running team like the Rock. Until they show me they can stop a team running tbe ball, I just can't pick them!
  9. I tried to tell people last year she was the best player in her class, and its not close. I guess all these big time schools agree with me lol
  10. I think Trevon Faulkner should be ranked ahead of Fitzgerald. I watched them play head to head last year in the region tournament and he was clearly better.
  11. What do you except Chuck Smith jr, on SW sidelines lol You know they are gonna be well coached, Brandon learned from some of the best in his dad and Jeff Hester, so you know Defense is gonna be SW bread and butter!
  12. Mercer plays southwestern also..........could get real ugly. I dont understand why Braxton Bradshaw or Dustin Baker dont get the ball much. But it's the first game, and hopefully they get it going.
  13. This will be the test to see if Danville's run defense had improved from last year. If they can't stop the run, give me rock by 20!
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