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Clay Co Vs Corbin

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Clay County-65


Corbin won't be able to score without Rogers. Skooly is going out on top.

Corbin will score against Clay but I'm not sure if they will be able to limit Clay to few enough points to win. But, that's why they play the games. I pray for a safe game.

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well Corbin for sure slowed this game down...I would say if it was played Stright up basketball Clay would have won by 30..


Clay slowed the game down by playing patiently on the offensive end, a shot clock would have helped Corbin's cause. Corbin actually ran much less clock when they had the ball compared to Clay.


I believe that defense is part of straight up basketball.:rolleyes:

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from what I seen, the first half corbin was slowing the game WAYYY down..so the 2nd half Clay Co said heck with it you want to play this way so will we...O yes and I will give Corbin credit they played GREAT defense Tonight..But the Lady Tigers are the 13th region CHAMPS!

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