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Mason Co. 75 Campbell Co. 56

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This one was over early as Mason County led 24-2 after the first quarter and 45-15 at halftime. Nearly every shot for the Lady Royals was a layup.


As is often the case with Mason County, the starters eventually got a little tired down the stretch. All 5 starters still on the floor, up 69-40 with 4 minutes to go. I have mixed feelings about this, as injuries are much more likely to occur when fatigue sets in, but on the other hand, Mason County's bench is, with the exception of the first girl off the bench, very suspect.


Mason 24 21 18 12

Campbell 2 13 21 20


Mason: D. Chambers 18, Cline 14 Litzinger 6, Hales 13, T. Chambers 17, Bickley 2, Hale 2, Menke 3

Campbell: White 14, Minch 2, Huenefeld 10, Weckback 2, Hurzenburg 1, Bowling 11, Visse 2, Nolan 3, Miller 2, Baker 2, Kitchen 5, Marino 2

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The Camels are a young team and played much better in the second half. They will be back next year. Thanks to the two Seniors, Holly and Heather! Good Luck in your future endeavors.


I have seen these girls play, look for them to be back strong the next two years. Coach Cravens will bring it back.

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