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  1. I do believe they are in the NKAC, and have been in the 9th before.
  2. You go in because your coach or school nominates you, not because you played better than someone else on the team.
  3. I think that I would agree with you, but the 9th does not have a Hall of Fame, and the 10th coaches decided to let the schools that came from the 9th to select people regardless of which region they played, I would think that some of the boys on the team that won the region would be in front of Mr. Franzen.
  4. That is because of the NKAC confernce. Campbell has no choice that the boys and girls basketball and football have to participate in order for the smaller sports to get games. Our basketball coaches complain every year.
  5. How can you not consider a high school double header in front of potentially 8000 fans not showcasing?
  6. It was my understanding that it was agreed that since the 9th booked the arena first that they got to select the time of the final game and that it was agreed that the next time they were together that the tenth would play the second game.
  7. Congrats to the Royals, wish them luck at Rupp. I am sure this was a shock to the CARD fans.
  8. I hate to argue, but the administrartion of a host school has the authority to ask people to move during and before a game. I would agree that if you are just sitting and watching the game and not causing an issue for other fans, then you would probably be left alone. I really think the issue is with student sections. Should Mason students have been behind PC bench. Answer is NO!!! Pendleton Students should have been behind bench, but your Mason Co. folks did not want to move the Mason County Faithful, and they weren't going to seat the PC students next to their adults. So you got what you saw last night. My thought is that if it is truly a neutral site, then move the Mason fans over with you and let Clark have the home side if they are wearing white. Locker rooms really don't matter.
  9. Who are you kidding, you don't think the school the adminstration can tell people where to sit. You would have to be in the lobby, not propped up against the front of the stage or sitting on the stage in order to do something like that, another tip on how to make things better.
  10. Wanting to provide student athletics with the best possible environment to participate in a game that for most will be the most important game of their life is very admirable. But for one community to think after 50 plus years that no one else can do what they have done for years is arrogance to the highest level. Lets face it most boys and girls never get the chance to play in the state tourney, so it is important to make it the best event possible. Students should not have to deal with simple adjustments that adults can make, nor should coaches have to ask. As for following the rules, I asked our coaches and they agreed that at the draw meetings benches are discussed, but never is where students are seated voted on by the group. They tell me that is up to the host. You are right tomorrow will be a great night of basketball, and the best team will win. You can also bet that in 2012 and 2013 the best teams will win, and the fans from Mason can travel to Mount Sterling or Highland Heights, or they can stay home because most won't matter because if they don't come someone else will be in their seat. I just hope the Camels are their playing!! :dancingpa
  11. Congrats to the Wildcats over the Bulldogs. Coach Russel has done a great job this year. Wish him well at Rupp. The only bad thing about the game was the attitude of Pittman. I would have been embarassed to have him display that type of attitude publically. Glad to see that he was not recognized by the tourney as an all tourney team.
  12. 35 years in a row, the reason you have complaints is that now people have been other places and realize the palace on the hill is not the only place you can play the 10th Region Tournament. I agree with you it is a great place to play and wonderful atmosphere, but the arrogance of your school staff in thinking they are the only ones that can run it is just being noticed.
  13. For someone that did not have a dog in the fight, I thought it was a great game. PC had trouble getting into the flow of the game. They got down so fast early in the 1st quarter. We started our season with them in December, and they beat us at home. I knew at that point that people were going to look over this team, and i think most did. Congrats to the entire team, and as I stated last night it is hard to see it end for seniors, but this is one team that left everything they had on the floor. Great job to both teams. Unfortunately for the winner of this game you have to play Clark. I think Clark is the best team I have seen this year, and feel comfortable they will win Monday.
  14. A few Camel fans made the caravan ride to the Fieldhouse again tonight. If the site is truly neutral, then as someone posted the Pendleton Fans should have used the home team locker room, the home bench, and fans sat on the home side. Well I guess if you get one out of three then that is a win for the opposing team if you are playing Mason. This is simple, any idiot should know that you don't put the opposing students behind a team. I think the days of the Fieldhouse and its staff are fading away.
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