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  1. Not sure of the wins against but they have lost to Eastern twice, Cal Twice, Mason Co & Southwestern. Their record is 16-6 with 3 games left mentioned above.
  2. Blue Chip Memorial Day Cardinal HoopFest - May 28-30 http://www.midwestyouthtournaments.com/docs/ULPool.pdf http://www.midwestyouthtournaments.com/docs/ULBrack.pdf
  3. They are still together but they didn't play well this past weekend up to their capabilities. They were on the road the past two weekends where they Won the Murray State Classic and finished in the top 16 in the Wallace Prather Classic in ATL losing to the tournament champions Southern Select from Georgia and Alabama while only having 6-7 players for both tournaments. While they played in state, they really didn't play well for the exception of Nate Mcgovney and Tyler Page from Campbell Co and Scott County. They are playing this weekend in Louisville along with the BA Hoyas and The Ville before the break and returning with their HS teams. Monroe had a breakout tournament in Atlanta along with Quin Richardson and Blake Sanders in Murray.
  4. http://hskentucky.scout.com It is a subscription story.
  5. There is a nice story on Mason Monroe from Scout.com
  6. I will be in section 11 all week and pulling for the GRC Cardinals.
  7. Braxton is a point guard. I don't think he started all year but has logged major minutes. Very steady and excellent free throw shooter. If I am not mistaken he is related to Heston Beverly who played for Dick Fick at Morehead State.
  8. Couple other PCC boys are the Cornett brothers. Senior Dillon 6'8" 320lbs and Sophomore Dalton 6'6" 260lbs. Dalton Plays with KY Elite and had a great past summer.
  9. Walsh will definitely be missed next year but help is on the way. PC had a very nice JV squad this season. I would think Pendleton would be one of the favorites in the 10th next year. Bonar, Crozier & Valentine will be missed also. Sad to see them go. All four are great young men.
  10. Congrats Robbie on 2000! PC soph Mason Monroe went over 1000 in the same game. Doubt that has ever happened before in a 10th Region Final.
  11. Congratulations! PC Sophomore Mason Monroe on scoring your 1000th point tonight. I know you would of rather had the team victory instead. But you will never forget scoring it in the finals of a regional tournament at the Mason County Fieldhouse against one of the top teams in the state in Clark County. You had a great tournament scoring 58 points in three games against quality opponents. We are proud of you!!
  12. We are proud of our Wildcats! What a post-season and so many great memories. Seniors you will definitely be missed. Everyone was counting us out in the post-season. They said we wouldn't beat Deming in the Districts nor Harrison. THe BGP experts even had you losing to Montgomery and by 20 plus to Mason. But there we were playing in the finals. You will not be forgotten! Clark County is as advertised and played a great game tonight. I hope they cut the nets down in Rupp! I will be there cheering them on at state. Make us 10th Region fans proud. I think the future looks bright for Pendleton with 4 of their top six players returning and a very strong and successful JV team coming back. They have one heck of a point guard who had a whale of a tournament. A couple great shooters who just couldn't get it going tonight. They have some size coming back and some nice depth. Looking forward to next season when it comes.
  13. I am not changing predictions now. I am taking Pendleton in a shocker....It's destiny! Go PC Wildcats ! Go #33 Mason Monroe! We Believe!!!
  14. Pendleton has been playing their best ball of the season for the last 2-3 weeks. Regardless they are in the finals when no one thought they would be there and they are not settling for just being there. They are on a mission and it shows. No doubt taking on the 4th rated team in the state will be a challenge but they wouldn't have it any other way. Go PC Cats!!!
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