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  1. A Seattle Mariner. That's where he put up most of his HOF stats.
  2. Saving Private Ryan The Bridge on the River Kwai Victory Schindler's List Tora! Tora! Tora! Patton
  3. Isler playing summer baseball and being the apparent starting QB is nothing new for Covington Catholic. Josh Bleser did it successfully in 2006, and prior to that, I believe, Tim Grogan played summer ball and was still a pretty successful QB for the Colonels. If Zach wants to try both and can be successful at both, more power to him. God forbid we let a High School kid have fun doing what he loves.
  4. Reruns of "Stump the Schwab" are right around the Corner
  5. "Brandy" - Looking Glass "Jackie Blue" - Ozark Mountain Daredevils "Grazing In The Grass" - Friends of Distinction
  6. At 23 inches, not yet, but give her a week or 2.
  7. Let's see....Him being offered anything is not his fault. Him ACCEPTING anything is 100% his fault. Maybe OJ needs to learn the word "NO"
  8. They got highly annoying fast.
  9. I will miss Shark. The others, I can honestly say I never saw a single episode of any of them.
  10. ^ While in the midst of ripping the Walt Disney Company, why has this fact and comment been ignored? Lil kb loves the playhouse disney shows, and I haven't heard any f-bombs or sex jokes on Higgleytown Heroes, Little Einsteins, or Bunnytown lately.
  11. Sun., Aug. 31 Louisville @ Louisville, Ky. (L) Sat., Sept. 6 NORFOLK STATE (W) Sat., Sept. 13 MIDDLE TENNESSEE (W) Sat., Sept. 20 Open Sat., Sept. 27 WESTERN KENTUCKY (W) Sat., Oct. 4 Alabama @ Tuscaloosa, Ala. (L) Sat., Oct. 11 SOUTH CAROLINA (L) Sat., Oct. 18 ARKANSAS (L) Sat., Oct. 25 Florida @ Gainesville, Fla. (L) Sat., Nov. 1 Mississippi State @ Starkville, Miss. (L) Sat., Nov. 8 GEORGIA (L) Sat., Nov. 15 VANDERBILT (W) Sat., Nov. 22 Open Sat., Nov. 29 Tennessee @ Knoxville, Tenn. (L) 4-8
  12. Thanks. We are hoping for a boy, to complement lil KB. But as long as it is healthy with 10 fingers and 10 toes, we'll be happy.
  13. They can just stay the heck out of it. The Oil industry is already regulated by the Government. If they just stay out of it and let it run like any other business, then competative pricing would take hold and prices would come down.
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