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15th Regional Pairings and Predictions

Who Will Cut Down The Nets At The Expo Center?  

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  1. 1. Who Will Cut Down The Nets At The Expo Center?

    • Belfry
    • Betsy Lane
    • Johnson Central
    • Paintsville
    • Pike County Central
    • Pikeville
    • Prestonsburg
    • Shelby Valley

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Well you've seen the pairings, now rate the 8 teams and pick your winner...




6:30 PM Pike County Central/Betsy Layne

8:00 PM Pikeville/Johnson Central


6:30 PM Prestonsburg/Belfry

8:00 PM Paintsville/Shelby Valley


My rankings:


1. Paintsville

2. Prestonsburg

3. Johnson Central

4. Pike County Central

5. Belfry

6. Betsy Lane

7. Pikeville

8. Shelby Valley


My pick to win it all is Paintsville...they're really clicking right now, and I expect them to meet Johnson Central in the regional final!!! An all Johnson County final!!!! How awesome that would be!


Who is your pick?

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I see the first round winners as: Johnson Central, Pike County Central, Prestonsburg, and Paintsville...good thing is that's really the top 4 teams in the region!


Yeah, but who do you like going into the final? If I were Paintsville I would rather have played PCC (assuming they both win) than to play Belfry (assuming they win). Looks like Johnson Central benefited by losing the District to me. But you have to win 3 to go to Rupp anyway. Might as well get it over with early.

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I think that Paintsville is the team to beat, but I think that Prestonsburg and Belfry are both very capable of doing it. I think that Pike County Central or Johnson Central will come out of the top brackett. Should be some good ballgames.


My rankings (which don't mean much when they tip it off):


1. Paintsville

2. Prestonsburg

3. Pike County Central

4. Belfry

5. Johnson Central

6. Betsy Layne

7. Pikeville

8. Shelby Valley

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1. Painstville

2. Pike Central

3. Prestonsburg

4. Johnson Central

5. Belfry

6. Shelby Valley

7. Pikeville

8. Betsy Layne

(6, 7, and 8 could go in any order)


I'll pick Paintsville to win it, but anyone could end up with the title.

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That would be great, but it'll never happen as long as the championship is played in Pike County. It would be more likely to be an all Pike County championship........if you get my drift.



I get your drift sadly...are they still rotating the refs?

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