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  1. You're right on, as usual, onei, and I would ordinarily be happy such a bunch did as well as they did, given the slow starts that have been the trademark of the teams that have done well in the playoffs over the past + or - 10 yrs, with this bunch certainly fitting that same mold, but who also can take the credit for giving us fans yet another exciting, and 4-star season, year when we didn't necessarily expect it. But with -8 yards in rushing for the game, it's easy to second guess the play calling on the series you mention, but also an easy decision by te coaching staff to call the plays they did. As it worked out, I can see where you would second guess that, but Burchett's arm, unfortunately, was all that had been successful to that point, and I'm sure if that series had been successful, you might very well have seen more plays on the ground after moving the chains. So I disagree that it was anything more than a 3 and out series where Burchett was drilled on the sidelines after a pass had fallen incomplete, with the ensuing punt putting DeSales back deep and with a lot of field to make up. I saw it more as playing the cards as they were dealt, and attempting to take advantage of dancing with the "one you brung"(LOL), and the only plays that had succeeded up to that point. This is a special bunch, for sure, and we may very well see :walk:Burchett on Saturday's in the future if that's what he chooses, as well as some others to varying degrees. A lot ot teams come to mind that could benefit from that arm! :thumb:
  2. Well, onei, it was an exciting year for the Blackcats, and one I wouldn't have given much chance for a year ago. And if I'd known Burchett would pass for 370 yds. in this game, I would have said there wouldn't be many teams in the state, no matter the class, to have any chance to win this game with that performance. But the running game never got cranked up, so Burchett kept piling up the yardage. I've had the experience of being involved in some form with quite a few games over the past 8-10 yrs., and the "what-if's" are the one's that really bother me. We had 3 games with Belfry in those early years where phantom calls from one particular official, a former stepbrother, making the calls I satisfied myself with him wanting so ensure an appearance of impartiality, which seemed a rational explanation at the time. I found out later it was a personal matter against me and neither aware of at the time, nor that it continued to decline with time. But since those games had no real bearing on my life either then or since, they most certainly did for my son(the older one, but for some reason not my youngest)! I've since told him he really shouldn't have been involved with any game since he was a family member, while his response elicited simply a snicker/laugh(and also after I knew the reason, but it took me a while to understand that he had satisfied himself that he no longer had any desire to be related by any means). But these were all critical "what-if" calls that were obvious game changers, and admit I was deceived by his actions both during and after, and can live with my actions satisfied I still felt our relations hadn't changed at the time. And, as it happened with this game as we had a player who seemed to suspect from DeSales alignment what he thought their play would be after the first leg count which they had been using instead of a verbal count, and he promptly yelled at his teammates the formation/play he tought would counter what he assumed their play would be, whether correct or not since it wasn't run, and the official had flagged him for an unsportsmanlike penalty for attempting to imitate their snap count and create an illegal procedure penalty on DeSales(who, as previously mentioned, was using the silent leg method!). So this was another "what-if" as they were then in a 3rd and long with the possibility of having to punt again, which could have put Burchett in a position to add to his passing yardage total, taken a larger lead if not mistaken, and changed the outcome of the contest. But these "what-if's" prevent games from being decided on the field, and takes the game out of the kids hands and puts them into the hands of the adults, contrary to the pre-game speech from the officials, as well as the edict of the KSHAA. Too many of the exciting games we've witnessed over the years are due to these "What-if's", and really sad they weren't able to be decided by the players playing the games instead of the adults "doing the jobs they are paid to do". I realize many will read this and say it's simply "sour grapes" but, again, I found out much later, confronted the individual about it some 2 yrs. later only to elicit that snicker/laugh, and he shouldn't have even been near those earlier games and again, of course, with that same reaction! But I also realize the officials have many difficult decisions to make during the course of a game, and we're all human. But what are our kids learning from wins or losses, experiences, during games played that may not actually be decided by how they play the game? Sure the best teams win most games, but what about those "What-if" games? And they are the minority of the games played, but shouldn't they get to find out which team is the best on any given night, regardless of whether a series of games may actually produce a different winner? I had no child even distantly related to me with this game, but it most certainly brought back those old memories I've been able to distance myself from, but will never forget. Those "What-if's" should not determine who wins or loses if we expect these kids to learn from their experiences. Of course, I would be naive to think a majority of adults would choose differrently given the opportunity to influence the outcome. That also is human nature! Think about it. By the way, Great game, DeSales. You're a fine team with some great athletes, and I wish you the best against Fort Campbell!
  3. It's not an especially long thread, mex, but apparently one you haven't read through unti now, and containing quite a few of these obvious facts. :eyeonyou:
  4. You don't appear the least bit hesitant about revealing your age, onei! :isurrender:
  5. Great job once again, Colts, and maybe you'll be able to visit with me for a time, onei, since I'll be wherever I can light(or, if my case, heavy! :lol: ) since my neurosurgeon won't be scheduling my back surgery until after my next appt. with him on Dec. 15., and I'll be sedentary as much as I can stand it!
  6. Burchett was somewhat off in the 1st qtr. onei, but he had 6-8 dropped balls around +/-30 yds, and half were easy catches even while on the run, whether running out of the pocket to the left or right, and could very easily have added another 3-4 TD's as accurately as he was throwing the ball. I hope we can look for more of the same, with the receivers making those catches from here on out since he's finally combined his accuracy while on the move. And, to coin the old automotive term, "fluid-drive" is where he now appears to be with his passing, and it's up to his receivers to do their part.:thumb:
  7. No, I believe the red came out first..... :lol:
  8. That's why thase games are always played on the field, not on paper. You then end up with a final score, and the team with the higher score at the end of the game wins. :thumb: But I feel certain that you're already aware of this.
  9. A much improved SV team from years past. Congrats Wildcats on the progress you've made this season.
  10. Yes, it should be interesting to see some stats from this game.
  11. This is why the games are played on the field, not word of mouth or in the newspaper! Congrats PCC. :thumb:
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