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What I Would Do If I Were Noel


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Per Goodman, several NBA executives have said Noel is still a top 5 pick this year (probably a good year to wreck your knee.)


If that's the case, and Calipari will be able to tell him if it's true, I go and look forward to a year of rehab with a paycheck.


If that's not the case, I hire an agent but do not declare for the draft. I take my insurance payment (which is likely substantial) and I make out this itinerary:


1) Flight to Alabama. There's only one guy who will touch my knee with a knife.


2) Flight to Germany for Kobe's knee and blood guy.


3) Flight to Coral Gables to 'consult' with the strength and conditioning coaches at the U.


4) Flight to San Francisco to meet with Barry Bonds. Get his autograph.


5) Fly out to meet with Lance Armstrong to 'train' for a triathlon.


And so on.


I think you get the idea. I would take a year to fix my body with the marvels of modern science outside of any sanctioning body or league's supervision.


Remember how Huggins spent a year outside of the NCAA's jurisdiction? How would this be different?


Would you blame him? I wouldn't.

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Correct me if I'm wrong, most insurance policies state that the injury must be career-ending... meaning never playing again.


You are correct, it has to be career ending..

MELBOURNE, Fla. (AP) -- Miami tailback Willis McGahee took out a $2.5 million insurance policy two weeks before he was injured in the Fiesta Bowl and can collect after a year if the injury prevents him from returning to football, a Florida newspaper reported.


CNNSI.com - College Football - Report: McGahee insured for $2.5 million before Fiesta - Monday January 06, 2003 11:45 PM

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