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Preston Lemaster to Sheldon Clark (Rumor)


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I know I'm behind but why is he not at East Ridge?


He was let go and replaced by Randy McCoy.


There was a lot of backlash about this, and understandably so. BUT, I don't think its as bad as it seems from a coaching standpoint. From a moral standpoint maybe it is bad to let go of a guy after his first season as a coach produced a trip to the Regional Championship game, but a team with that kind of talent could have made it that far with a lot of coaches. Loyalty aside, from a coaching stand point McCoy is a definite upgrade. I watched 4 or 5 East Ridge games last season and often times I would think, wow, if these guys knew how to run offense they would be deadly in the 15th. Just basically a lot of guys standing around and not really doing anything, no motion, no movement. Someone had told me that Lemaster was trying to run the DDM but I don't know about that. I do know that if he had some sets in place to get Kasongo easy baskets or to run some motion and get Miller some open looks on some screens they could have been deadly. In at least three of the games I watched, everyone just looked lost out there. There was almost zero hustle, zero discipline, they were basically just out there playing. In a couple of the games they looked pretty good, but still I always thought, if they had any flow at all on offense they would win the region hands down. In the championship game against Johnson Central they got worked and a lot of the same things came into play. They were just pretty much helpless with whatever JC threw at them, offensively and defensively. The lack of effort was the most disapointing part. In McCoy, the discipline will be there and the effort will be there. To me that was the most important thing missing from last years team. McCoy will give them that structure that was missing and I think thats going to go a long way in making them a much better team than last year. So from a coaching standpoint, I don't see it as a big of outcry as it has been made out to be.

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