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  1. The Kentucky High School Tennis Coaches Association has published top 10 boys and girls tennis teams based on UTR Rankings. Boys: 1. St. Xavier 2. DuPont Manual 3. Covington Catholic 4. Henry Clay 5. North Oldham 6. Elizabethtown 7. Dunbar 8. Model 9. Belfry 10. Greenwood Girls 1. Sacred Heart 2. North Oldham 3. McCracken Co 4. DuPont Manual 5. Scott Co 6. Lexington Catholic 7. Lexington Christian 8. Henry Clay 9. Notre Dame 10. Elizabethtown Clearly there are a lot of teams that aren't reporting their scores via UTR, so this list is missing some strong teams. Any thoughts? KENTUCKY HIGH SCHOOL TENNIS COACHES ASSOCIATION - Home
  2. I don't understand how David Johnson isn't making first team all-state teams.
  3. In 2013 Hawkins and Willis both signed.
  4. Scott Co played in the KOB early in Billy's tenure. I wonder why he doesn't want to go back any more.
  5. Is it common for non-KHSAA players to play in All-Star games for Kentucky?
  6. I ignored the why. Trinity and Scott Co are easily the top 2 teams in the state as of now, and have 2 of the top 3 or 4 players. Western Ky (Regions 1-5): University Heights should be really good and has the highest profile player in the state. Mayfield returns almost everyone from a top 25 team. They have a pair of really good scorers in the Guthries. LaRue Co had a great year this year and returns most of their team including some very good Sophomores and Juniors to be. Adair Co if Harmon is there Louisville: Ballard: I have no idea how good they will be, but I always assume they'll be good, and I would want to keep them in this event every year. Male has some very good young talent. I think they'll be solid moving forward. Waggener I also expect will be pretty good next year, though I'd research them a little more before committing. Central/Northern Ky (Regions 8-12) Covington Catholic I expect will still be a very good team despite their losses. Pendleton Co has an elite player in Allen who is worth showing off to the rest of the state. LCA has a potential first team all-stater in Rode. They lose two very good players, but should once again be a very good team. Eastern Ky (13-16) I can't think of anyone.
  7. Assuming 11 spots for in-state teams, must offers include: Scott Co (tell Billy how often the state champ plays in the KOB). Trinity University Heights Others I would include: Mayfield LaRue Co Waggener Male Ballard Pendleton Co Covington Catholic Adair (if it seems likely Harmon is there next year).
  8. I take Thomas More. Frederick is probably the best player on the court, but Thomas More has lots of guys that were all-region in high school and have 2-4 years of strength/maturity on top of that.
  9. Would the Covington Catholic basketball team have gone undefeated if he didn't miss time this season?
  10. Are these Covington Catholic official stats posted online anywhere? I'd like to see their full stats for this season.
  11. This was the first time a team failed to reach 30 in a state semifinal since Oldham Co scored 29 against Seneca in 1963. 1946 was the last time a team scored 28 (or less) in the semis.
  12. The two times I saw UHA played, they played approximately 0 defense. If their defense is truly improved I think they will win this game.
  13. From the 5 times I've seen them I thought Day and Jolly were their two best players. Day is a quality point guard. Very composed and when needed can score from outside or midrange. Fantastic free throw shooter who makes good decisions and does a good job at drawing fouls in crunch time. Jolly does a great job inside scoring and rebounding, but he can also step out and hit the occasional 3. Hit one with under a minute in the region semifinals to tie the game. I haven't seen Campbell play against an extremely athletic team, but I could see quickness causing them some problems.
  14. I really dislike that they do this. I don't care which session they have as afternoon vs evening, but keep the teams in the same bracket playing together in the same session.
  15. 1 Corbin 1 Scott Co 1 Warren Central 1 John Hardin 1 University Heights 1 Oldham Co 1 Covington Catholic 1 Fern Creek 2 Scott Co 2 John Hardin 2 Oldham Co 2 Fern Creek 3 Scott Co 3 Fern Creek 5 Scott Co TB 121
  16. 87, 97, 99, 01, 05, 11, 16 are the years with different winners. 97 and 01 the Gatorade POY was a junior and therefore not eligible for Mr Bball.
  17. I think 9 are pretty easy: Tandy Potter Pearson Wales Johnson Scrubb Frederick Moreno Taylor There are a lot of options for the 10th spot, but I lean toward Cooper Robb. I know a lot of people are high on Powell, but he didn’t stand out to me when I watched Trinity. Maybe he’ll change my mind next week. I haven’t ever seen Potter, but based on what I hear about him he needed to be on the list. I have seen the rest of them this year.
  18. How many schools would make it to Owensboro? I think a while back I read the plan was the last 4 to be at the final location. If that's the case it's probably not worth the drive to me, but if it's 8 teams I would probably try to work it in.
  19. I think a better description would be that LCA had a great second half game plan that they executed near flawlessly. I don't think there was any officiating that had anything to do with it.
  20. Scott Co is very good, and makes teams look bad, but Lafayette didn’t seem to have any fight from the start of the game.
  21. Ezekiel Grier was the key in this one with a huge second half. Had a few big 3s during LCA’s comeback, and also a set up Hendrickson for 3. I think he ended with 14 points. Of course Rode was huge for LCA as well. He just does so many good things for the Eagles.
  22. Doesn't it make sense that the awards from an organization would go to members of that organization? Plus, the money from the awards has to come from somewhere. Does anyone know how many school's coaches aren't members of the KABC?
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