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  1. We're all right. I failed to mention that a 3rd school could object to the transfer even if the sending school signs off on the transfer. In this case it's almost certain what happened. Receiving school (marshall county) sent sending school (adair county) the transfer paper work with the "bonafied change in address" box checked. Adair county likely signed off on it. But... In the process a 3rd school (let's be real, probably in the 1st region) sent in a complaint to the KHSAA about the transfer. They likely argued that he was transferring for "athletic purposes" which is prohibited in the transfer by-law. The bottom line is... For the khsaa to rule somebody ineligible there is typically a complaint by somebody. The KHSAA doesn't just do that on their own. (typically speaking). Though harmon's dad's very public comments seem to completely fly in the face of the bylaw.
  2. This is not the case. When he transfers the receiving school sends the form with the "reason for transfer" to the sending school. In this case I would assume that marshall county checked the "bonafied change of address" box. When Adair got the request they had two options. To sign off on the "change of address" or contest it with the KHSAA. If they had signed off he would have been eligible. I suspect they contested it and cited the part of the by-law that says you can't transfer for athletic reasons. They probably included Harmon's dad's comments about him picking a school for basketball reasons.
  3. I think part of the issue here might be his father's public comments a few months ago about the schools that his son is considering. There is a part of the by-law that says that you can't transfer because of athletic reasons. Now... proving that is tough. However, public comments from the dad may give the KHSAA a leg to stand on. But I'm not sure a judge would allow the KHSAA's ruling to stand on that part of the by-law.
  4. I say this as respectfully as I can... Have you ever paid attention to situations like this? Kids ALWAYS get eligible. As long as he moved, he'll get to play.
  5. The fact is, the KHSAA is scared of their own shadow and never enforces their rules. They've lost in court a few times and haven't taken the time to revise their laws to fit what the courts have said what they can and can't do.
  6. Flag football/7v7 is basically AAU football. Full contact? Absolutely not. To note... We are really the only country in the world with "school" sports.
  7. AAU offers little to no coaching. But for higher level prospects It provides a median for better competition as typically, the only kids playing aau basketball are serious basketball players. So a kid Like Allen or Tandy gets time against other good/elite prospects. AAU in the younger ages is meant for development and may actually help as the teams are more local. But don't fool yourselves. The higher age groups is all about "better competition" and exposure.
  8. If I recall Thompson has been the offensive coordinator for a couple of years and was the defacto "head coach in waiting" last year. I've known Al for 30 years and he wouldn't have turned it over to somebody "in-house" if he didn't have supreme confidence in them. From what I've heard he did Thompson a huge favor by leaving the cupbard as full as it's been in a long time in Marion. It would have been easy for Al to stick around for one more year to make another deep playoff run. But that's not al's character. Setting up Thompson is what a good man does. And Al Starnes is as good as they get.
  9. Wow. How awful. What is his son Zipp up to? Former UK offensive lineman.
  10. Who are the players who transferred to a prep-school? They lost a receiver to hoptown, right?
  11. That's right. Both were in his list of schools he considered transferring to. Zion Harmon could transfer to another Kentucky high school or out-of-state prep school | Lexington Herald Leader
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