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  1. I will quote myself and move on. "Congrats to Belfry on a great game!!"
  2. Congrats to Central the 3A Champs! I was really hopeful that Bell, Belfry, or Fort Campbell could have pulled off the miracle in 3A instead of the city dudes winning. Nothing but respect for Central; even without their best player, they did get the job done.
  3. The game was "way closer" because #2 wasn't playing. If Deuce would have been playing for the entire game, you would have seen a mirror score of the Bell game. I will say this, #2 didn't get out of bed and decide not to play today. The Belfry defense took care of business with #2 right out of the box. Hard hits & unfortunate injuries are part of the game. Congrats to Belfry on a great game!!
  4. I was at the 6A game tonight and was surprised at the low attendance - #1 team in the Nation. Attended the 2A game last season with Owensboro Catholic & NCC - that 2A game seemed like far more in attendance then the big game tonight.
  5. Congrats to Hazard on winning the 1A title!! Congrats to Mayfield on three spectacular and exciting seasons in a row & a respected tradition of excellence in Kentucky High School Football.
  6. I agree FC, congrats to the Falcons on a fine season especially the Seniors!!
  7. Congrats to Central, they made the long bus ride out to the west and got the job done. Superior performance by Mr. Wales!
  8. I agree with your assessment. FC's Defense will surprise many tomorrow night.
  9. We know that Central has speed, but FC does not move at a pedestrian pace by any stretch of the imagination. In addition to playing a little football out here in the west, (6 state championships, 3 in the last four years), the fellas get together each spring and do that track & field thing as a hobby to stay in shape. Results: 2009 State Track & Field Champs 2010 State Track & Field Champs 2011 State Track & Field Runner-up FC doesn't have to be faster then Central, just fast enough to beat Central.
  10. I am going with Murray which hasn't lost at home since the 2009 playoffs to FC. That little unkept cow pasture of a field they have coupled with the close proximity of the fans (lots of them), street almost running through one endzone & a school building almost extending into the other endzone, make it a challenging place for visiting teams to win. Murray by 7
  11. Thanks, we will need all the support we can get - huge challenge on the horizon. We will be pulling for the Cardinals next week against BW. No kidding, my son and I had a plan A and a plan B for November 25th. Plan A was to beat Tilghman and host the semi-final. Plan B was if things didn't work out to continue playing we were headed to Mayfield to show our support. I am thankful that Plan A is the way we are going. Good Luck against BW! Plan on watching the Cardinals in Bowling Green.
  12. Great job by the Falcons especially the defense! Except for a long pass to JD Harmon in the 4th, Marcus Tucker locked-down Harmon. Harmon somehow came away with a nice catch in double coverage inside the 5. Other than that, #7 was kept in check. PT tried to run the wildcat with Harmon in the 4th and had zero success. Aaron Hills, tremendous leadership, 3 rushing TDs and a couple of picks. This game is exactly what FC has been wanting since September 30th. The first game with PT was the catalyst to the success FC has had ever since, including eliminating PT tonight. There were a few motivators that have kept FC warm at night thinking of PT: 1. PT QB making the Aaron Rodgers championship belt signal at the conclusion of the first game. 2. Coach Randy Wyatt deciding to throw a TD in the closing moments of the first game when already leading 24 - 7. The throw was to Harmon over the top of one of our underclassmen. (Class) 3. Randy Wyatt making assertions this week via some media outlets that PT somehow owned FC's number. FC's simple motto this season has been Redemption as we have moved past the debacle of last season. Tonight, as a couple of seniors walked off the field with the Regional Championship trophy, they stopped at PT’s celebration bell and gave it a ring. Redemption has been found!
  13. Randy Wyatt probably doesn't follow along with the easy win. I think there is a little bit of doubt starting to creep in about now.
  14. Bill, "aka Deerslayer" glad you made it home safely. It sure felt good for the guys to get a shut-out after enduring the unsportsman like actions in Brownsville. We expect some of that on the field, but not from adults. Moving on to where we have wanted to be since September 30th, back for some JD Harmon and PT. I don't plan on hearing that tornado warning siren getting much use on this trip.
  15. Great job by Coach McKillip and the Defense!! Getting a shut-out against an 11 - 0 team at their place is huge. Coach Berner and the offense was pretty conservative, apparently not wanting to show a lot. The second week in row that the sophomore receiver scores a TD - showinig a little something different. 1st half Edmonson had zero answer for Aaron Hills running the ball. 2nd half saving hits on Hills for another day.
  16. On paper, it would appear that way. Fortunately, when the clock strikes midnight on November 18th only one of those teams will be left. FC is focused on Edmonson County tonight.
  17. You are correct Bill. The game last week was not the norm, but those games do happen from time to time. I don't expect turnovers to be an issue Friday night.
  18. I have not had the opportunity this year to watch any on the list. I did see Towles play in the title game last season and he played like a man among boys. UK would have been fortunate to have him even glance their way let alone sign up for four years of future frustration. If I was voting, Mr. Jude would get my vote. There is something to be said about having your name in the books as the all-time rushing leader.
  19. Micah was a high school All-American!! That is a pretty sound indicator of the quality of football player he was. Going to UK probably wasn't the deciding factor in his selection as Mr. Football.
  20. I don't think SEMPERFIFALCON was taking PT for granite. He, along with most of us, know that the road to Bowling Green first requires getting off at Exit #7 in Paducah and facing a superb PT squad.
  21. I hope you are correct Scribe. Coach McKillip has the defense playing superb football right now. The Paducah Tilghman game convinced McKillip to move some personnel around. After a season and a half, we got the right players in the right position. On offense, Coach Berner moving Aaron Hills back to QB has changed the whole dynamic of the team. We want to take care of business at Edmonson and then get another shot at PT.
  22. I have personally watched both teams play this season vs. Fort Campbell. Warren Central is by far the superior team in this match-up. WC by two TDs
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