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  1. I am happy to see this game happening. It should have taken place each season and I hope it continues. These two small Western Kentucky schools are exactly what high school football is about. There will be a lot of history and tradition on the field Friday night. What does Mayfield have 9 or 10 State Championships? FC has 6 State Championships and two Kentucky Mr. Football alumni. I don't have any idea who wins Friday; no more Jonathan Jackson for the Cardinals and no more Coach Berner for the Falcons. Coach Morris remains for Mayfield and FC has an exciting kid named Triston Luke at RB that has the potential to be in the Mr. Football conversation someday. I hope this one goes down to the wire.
  2. Nope, nobody thinks anybody should be punished, let's not go too far down the rabbit hole on this.
  3. We noticed the same last year when Central visited Fort Campbell; they had at least 30 more kids dressed then we did. Participation is pretty high at FC with Coach Berner, but we were quite a few players short when we played Central. I agree on South Warren, don't know what criteria the KHSAA used in placing them in 3A, it was not based upon male student population.
  4. I agree, great to have another team from God's Country, (Western KY), in a title game. Would not have picked CC to make it a few weeks ago, but they appear to clicking pretty good right now.
  5. If or when Central wins another title next week, is it time for the KHSAA to bump them up to 4A???? Should they be playing small schools like Monroe County, Belfry, Bell, Fort Campbell or would all be better suited if they played Lex Catholic, Boyle, Highlands?? Just something to ponder.
  6. Congrats Monroe County Falcons on a superb season!! I know you guys in Tompkinsville are extremely proud of your coach, team & community as you should be.
  7. Monroe has more than a good opportunity of pulling this off; here are a few keys for them. 1) Anthony Wales graduated last season and this point can't be overstated. 2) Monroe can't turn the ball over and give Central extra possessions; zero turnovers = Monroe victory. Central is outstanding in forcing turnovers at key points in the game. 3) Central appears to have a few nicks and scars from their last game, Monroe can capitalize on this. This will be a huge challenge for the Falcons, but I am expecting a little magic from the country team against the champs from the 'Ville. Monroe 21 -14 Go Monroe County Falcons!!!
  8. Truer words have never been spoken!! All the chatter had been about having all FC personnel dressed and ready by the Region championship game and that the first two games of the playoffs were smooth sailing. South Warren however, was prepped and ready for playoff football. Congrats to South Warren.
  9. Now you guys in Tompkinsville understand why I have never and will never cheer for PT. Posts on BGP do not adequately describe Randy Wyatt - now that you have had a chance to see him in action, you know the truth. Great game MC, beat South Warren and then get ready to upset Central!!
  10. Congrats Monroe County Falcons!! You guys never gave up and came back from a big deficit - Tompkinsville is a tough place for a road team to win.
  11. Congrats to South Warren great job by a school in only their second football season. FC too many players out on the D-side as a result of suspension from two weeks ago at Hopkinsville. Nobody talked about it and hoped that FC could get through the first two weeks of the playoffs, get everybody back and get ready for the Region final. That was not the case, congrats to South Warren.
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