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  1. Congrats MC Falcons! Big test coming up next, it will be interesting to see how PT responds with the long trek to Tompkinsville. PT will have many more athletes and considerably more speed then Monroe, but PT is not very disciplined and are a much different team when not playing in Paducah. The long bus ride and complete contrast in environment between Tompkinsville and Paducah will get the best of Randy Wyatt and company. As long as Monroe takes care of the ball and doesn't give PT extra possessions, I am picking Monroe County by a TD.
  2. Sophomore RB Tristen Luke breaks school record for rushing TDs in a season with his 30th. Previous record was held by Antonio Andrews. Luke is also only 62 yards away from the 2,000 yard mark. This kid will be off the chart by the time he is a senior, lots of exciting times ahead for him. FC had several regular starters that did not play in this one or saw limited action.
  3. 3 Falcons rush for over 100 yards Sophomore Tristen Luke goes for 186 and 3 TDs. He now has 29 rushing TDs on the season and over 1800 yards.
  4. Triston Luke with another big night 4 TD & 190 yards rushing. He is now over 1600 yards rushing & 26 TD for the season. Just a sophomore that has a ton of potential, 2,000 yds rushing this season is within reach.
  5. Decent game by the Falcons as they continue to improve.
  6. FC 36 Heath 7 11:33 2nd FC Coaches go off on lazy defense which allowed a Heath score, FC responds with a quick TD to start 2nd.
  7. Don't know what Randy Wyatt is thinking with having Highlands on the schedule. Randy probably needs to worry about being consistent against small school programs like Mayfield & Fort Campbell. A victory over Highlands is a pipe dream!! The problem at Paducah Tilghman has been and remains Randy Wyatt. He has a TON of talented players & speed burners all over the place. Randy is his worst enemy as he lets his emotions get the best of him in his coaching decisions. He also bumps his gums to the point that opposing teams like Mayfield and Fort Campbell, with the exception of winning another championship, want nothing more than to beat PT.
  8. You are being very modest about your team. Monroe County is in excellent shape, believe you guys are home all the way up to and including the Region Championship game. FC would rather have the home field than the higher ranking in the polls. I hope you guys lay the hammer on Edmonson County this week!!
  9. Yep, '09 FC team may have been the best small school team all-time in KY. 15-0 record with a Mr. Football selection as the QB. August 8,2008 @ Marshall County FC 50 Mayfield 7 FC '09 team was on a much higher level than the '08 team. If I were king, Mayfield & FC would play every season - Wow, we would have some ESPN instant classics!!!!
  10. Fort Campbell by as much as Coach Berner wants; hope after the 1st quarter the starters are off the field. District title is wrapped up so no need to risk anybody.
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