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  1. This is a tough matchup for the Falcons. #7 JD Harmon is maybe the best athlete in Western Kentucky, if not the entire state; cheering for MC but PT will probably take this one.
  2. I agree; need to address a few things. D is playing solid!
  3. I believe Mayfield takes 1A & Bowling Green 5A. I pick O Cath to beat NCC for the 2A title. (Went to last years game, what a great crowd and anticipation - game wasn't even competitive) I cheer for any team from the west that plays the 'Breds! Too much invested in 3A to make a pick, but I think it will be a team from the West.
  4. Big 1 - Bowling Green 2 - Warren Central 3 - Christian County 4 - Lone Oak 5 - Madisonville-North Hopkins 6 - Franklin-Simpson 7 - Henderson County 8 - Warren East 9 - Graves County 10 - Ohio County Small 1 - Mayfield 2 - Paducah Tilghman 3 - Owensboro Catholic 4 - Fort Campbell 5 - Murray 6 - Edmonson County 7 - Trigg County 8 - Monroe County 9 - Hancock County 10 - Caldwell County
  5. I think this is probably the best match-up in 3A this week. Should be a very good game - get some BBQ while visiting Tompkinsville!!
  6. Congrats to Coach Berner; one of the most successful coaches in the state and a father-figure to his team during long periods when their fathers are deployed!!!
  7. PT doesn't even tap the brakes in this game. Tornado defense gets a shut-out.
  8. Hoptown has several players that pass the look test. There is no reason for them to finish winless. This could be the head coach's first and last season.
  9. Big 1. Bowling Green 2. Warren Central 3. Christian County 4. Lone Oak 5. Madisonville-North Hopkins 6. Franklin-Simpson 7. Henderson County 8. Ohio County 9. Warren East 10. Graves County Small 1. Mayfield 2. Paducah Tilghman 3. Owensboro Catholic 4. Fort Campbell 5. Edmonson County 6. Monroe County 7. Murray 8. Trigg County 9. Caldwell County 10. Hancock County
  10. 7 - Bowling Green 5 - Owensboro Catholic 3 - Butler 2 - Caverna 1 - South Warren TB - Owensboro Catholic
  11. I agree on the importance of a decent kicker and not leaving extra points on the field. At FC, we normally leave a couple of extra points on the field each game due to poor kicking. I always mutter under my breath that someday we will need all of our extra points in a close game. Poor kicking was one of the reasons that FC lost a close one against Christian County.
  12. FC shuts out 3 of 4 district opponents. Holds Paducah Tilghman to 3 points until the last play of the 3rd quarter in that game. (Then a few mistakes led to a disappointing loss) The Falcons want nothing more than another shot at PT.
  13. 3rd District Shut-out for FC Don't remember Heath crossing the 50, but do remember somebody commenting that Heath had finally reached the H in the middle of the field. 3 - 4 first downs, maybe.
  14. 7 - Franklin-Simpson 5 - Hancock County 3 - Madisonville-Nort Hopkins 2 - Monroe County 1 - Fulton County TB - Franklin-Simpson
  15. I hope they can get this game over without any injuries. Webster County is not going to offer any resistance to Paducah Tilghman.
  16. Big 1 - Bowling Green 2 - Warren Central 3 - Christian County 4 - Madisonville-North Hopkins 5 - Lone Oak 6 - Franklin-Simpson 7 - Henderson County 8 - Ohio County 9 - Warren East 10 - Graves County Small 1 - Mayfield 2 - Paducah Tilghman 3 - Owensboro Catholic 4 - Fort Campbell 5 - Edmonson County 6 - Murray 7 - Monroe County 8 - Trigg County 9 - Caldwell County 10 - Russellville
  17. Wow, I thought after two the player was automatically gone.
  18. You know, I heard that same thing just a couple of hours ago. I guess Heath had multiple personal foul penalties and an ejection agaist Trigg. Does that sound correct? Coach Berner is telling the team to keep their head on a swivel for the cheap shot and to not get caught up in retaliation penalties.
  19. I like FC's chances in this one. Look for the Falcons to do more than just win - can they get their third district shut-out?
  20. I think everybody is planning on a return trip to Tilghman before this season is over. It would sure be fun if things worked out that way. Congrats to PT on winning at Clarksville (North East) last night. We had a few folks watch the first half of the PT game and then drive accross town to watch the second half of the FC game.
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