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  1. FC 48 Webster 0 10 min to go in half 1st half, already running clock
  2. Nice to see two former 2A schools move up and make an impact in 3A over the course of a season and a half. (Monroe County & Fort Campbell) I have been to two MC vs. FC semi-final games in the past few years. Both schools are where they are because of their coaches, Pettet and Berner. Tompkinsville will be a challenging place for any team to win in late November. They pack the place & anytime there is an MC Falcon playing with the last name of Wilson the opposing team better take notice.
  3. A few facts in this series: FC leads series 7 -2 overall Coach Berner is 6 - 2 against Tilghman Tilghman has never won at the Fort The two FC losses: FC led the '10 game 10 - 0 at the half before falling to Tilghman FC led the '11 regular season game 7 - 0 late in the 3rd before falling to Tilghman As long as Shawn Berner is on the FC sideline, FC has a more than reasonable expectation to beat Tilghman.
  4. Not calling for Randy's head here; for FC fans he is the guy we love to hate. The stuff that he says provides immeasurable motivation. That '09 season, 3A was the weakest of all classes, in the playoffs / gridiron bowl he had the least worst of a pile of bad teams. FC scored 21 points in the first minute of the game against that PT state championship team. That is no BS, KHSAA records would show it as true.
  5. Fort Campbell beating Tilghman is not a surprise, the score however, may raise a few eyebrows. FC beat PT in the playoffs last season in Paducah, FC did make it to the state semi-final last season - their first year in 3A. My original post said there is nothing better than beating Randy Wyatt. The only thing better would be putting the 7th state championship trophy in the case.
  6. Falcons D dominates the gamel 2 in a row for FC over PT Nothing better than beating Randy Wyatt, the great Falcon motivator.
  7. FC 43 PT 14 26 seconds left in 4th, PT scores a TD against FC reserves
  8. same score, end of 1 Falcons score on every possession
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