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  1. Tristen Luke 6 TD & 302 yards rushing on 32 carries Falcons get it done against Trigg, but the defense is very suspect. If they give up 40 to Trigg, how many will they give up to Paducah Tilghman next week?? Much work to be done
  2. I agree. All Antonio could do the last two seasons was prepare himself and be ready when he got the call to play and show his talent. Bobby Rainey made several All-American lists last season and the only way he was coming out of a game was on a stretcher which fortunately never happened. Antonio has made the most of his opportunity and will only continue to get better. Hope those Warren Central games don't take all of your energy and you can make every Topper home game!!!
  3. If you remember back to that '08 state game, Antonio scored the winning TD in the late minutes of the 4th quarter. That particular play was very much like the winning trick play used against UK. In the championship game against NCC however, Antonio was playing QB and was on the receiving end of a throw-back pass. Two of his biggest football moments in the state of KY happened on opposite ends of basically the same play. One in Papa John's and the other at Commonwealth.
  4. Antonio was selected Mr. Football & Gatorade Player of the Year for the '09 season. 3 state championships & undefeated for two years as the starting QB at Fort Campbell. He wanted to go to UK, even wore a UK hand warmer that matched our Fort Campbell blue. Joker wouldn't offer him a scholarship, said Antonio should walk-on at UK. Everybody associated with Fort Campbell football has had an open wound and wanting Joker's demise since. Well, Antonio went to WKU and spent the first two years backing up Bobby Rainey who is now on the Baltimore Ravens roster. We haven't forgotten the beef with Joker. Tonight, Antonio ran for 124, scored 3 TDs, threw the pass on the trick play for the 2 point conversion and victory. He may have put the final nails in Joker's coffin. In this case, the old saying is true "pay back is a bitch".
  5. Couldn't agree more; Coach McKillip has the right defense called, players are in the backfield with hands on the opposing RB, but fail to make tackle after tackle after tackle.
  6. Luke has a lot of potential, he is pretty impressive and only a sophomore.
  7. FC 425 total yards FK 31 total yards Tristan Luke 134 yards & 4 TDs 10 Army Bowl wins in a row for FC
  8. There may be another team that should be part of the 3A conversation, especially if we are hypothetically moving Central out of the 3A conversation. The unmentioned team played in a state-semi final in four of the last five seasons, including last season which was its first year in 3A. The team also won 3 state titles in the last five seasons, two of those years by beating one of those scary teams from NKY. (NCC) The team also has two Kentucky Mr. Football selections in very recent years, Micah Johnson & Antonio Andrews. The team also has Shawn Berner as the head coach, check out his stats for the last 10 years in Kentucky, you will be very surprised. Which team shut-out the grossly over rated Edmonson County last year in the playoffs and went on to answer the jawing of Randy Wyatt and the Blue Tornado in Paducah to end their season??? FC may not win the title this season, but it is only a matter of time. If we could hypothetically remove Central from the 3A equation it would be sooner than later. I know one thing, I saw more than enough of #2 glad he is now a Topper.
  9. We have had zero success with Warren Central since Antonio Andrews and crew smacked them around in BG during the '09 season. They have a solid program and like Mayfield found out last week a solid big school normally takes control of a solid small school at some point in the second half. The FC game at WC last season was probably the least competitive game that I ever saw FC play. I am glad coach Berner keeps WC on the schedule because a team only gets better by playing against quality and sometime superior competition.
  10. Russellville is very much improved from last season; with some big boys on the line and more speed than I expected. They will win a bunch of games and will not be an automatic W for Mayfield. FC is very young at the skill positions and was fortunate to get this win.
  11. Triston Luke runs for 137 yards tonight to add to last weeks 229 yard performance. QB Jalen Williams 2 pass TD & 1 TD rushing. Defense gives up 296 yards rushing and the offense played sloppy. Next game against Warren Central will require a much, much, much better effort to get the win or even keep the game close.
  12. Congrats to the MC Falcons!! Did the two Wickware boys graduate Franklin-Simpson??
  13. FC down 14 - 0 but battle back for the win on the road. Triston Luke carrying the load at RB.
  14. They open the season at Clarksville High School (TN)
  15. Today was the first day of school following the Christmas break at Fort Campbell - It was also the first day of the football team's strength & conditioninig training. This has been the norm almost since the beginning with Coach Berner. Spring practice as allowed by the KHSAA June camps to WKU for the hogs, selected skill players hit camps with Charlie Strong & Joker. July brings the Vanderbilt 7 on 7 passing tournament Before you know it, real football is here again.
  16. Micah needs to make the very most of this opportunity!! We are exceptionally proud of Micah!!
  17. I agree that Jackson will be right in the Mr. Football mix next season. I congratulated him at the All-WKC award banquet in Murray on Sunday. He is solid as a rock and should rattle a lot of teeth next season!
  18. ^ Thanks Bill!! I like the '07 ring the best! That '09 ring was won by what may have been the best 2A team to every step on the football field!
  19. Mayfield vs. Fort Campbell every year A lot of fun football would be had. The Western Kentucky small school holders of more than a couple state titles. Mayfield 7 or 8? and FC with 6.
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