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Bigger School's Revenge


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It seems that some of the Bigger schools in North-Eastern Kentucky are getting a little revenge this season over the smaller schools that have recently given them trouble.


Namely Ashland and Greenup County are getting some revenge over Raceland and Russell.


Ashland 44

Raceland 7


Ashland 61

Russell 7


Greenup County 60

Raceland 34


Greenup 28

Russell 6


Ashland leads the Raceland series 14-7.

Ashland leads the Russell series 32-22


Russell leads the Greenup County series 30-7

Greenup County leads the Raceland series 15-10

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I think this has to do somewhat with the resurgence of the Big Schools and the smaller schools not being at the extremely high level they were a few years ago. Ashland has continued to get better and better, GC seems to have turned it around (not to mention the improvement at Lawrence and Rowan). Raceland and Russell still have very good football teams but the are not at the level they were during the years were they were in the top 5 teams in their entire divisions, be it inexperience, or just growing pains that smaller schools tend to go through. Raceland and Russell will both be tough outs come playoff time. A loss to this Ashland team seems to be nothing to be ashamed about, they sound like they're flat out loaded.


The Big Schools definitely have an advantage due to their numbers, but that's not to take anything away from Raceland or Russell, who are obviously two of the areas premier football programs. They'll both be back, and will get some wins over the big boys in the upcoming years, no doubt in my mind. :thumb:

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