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Scott County 84 Henry Clay 61

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Stats for the game:


SC shoots 47% from the field. 54% from long range.

HC shoots 38% from the field. 60% from long range.


SC won the rebounding 46-34.


SC scoring-

Phares-22 pts and 7 rebounds

Euton-18 pts and 8 rebounds ( 6 three pointers)

Guyn- 15 pts

Jackson 5pts, 8 rebounds, 7 assists, 4 steals

Manning- 7 pts

Flannery- 8 pts


HC scoring-

Stewart- 25 pts and 5 rebounds

Wilder- 12 pts

Barnes- 7 pts

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HC played good throughout the first half. SC would get up 8 and HC would tie it up.


Scott started the 3rd period with something like a 15-0 run. That pretty much sealed it.


Best I have seen SC shoot tonight. If they do that, it will be a breeze to a state championship.


Guyn and Phares had phenomenal dunks in the 2nd half.


Prince Stewart struggled early for HC, but ended up with 25. Brandon Wilder, who is recovering from some kind of injury, came off the bench to score 12 points. In fact, I don't think he missed a shot all night. Barnes and Keisling played decent against the big guys for SC.


Can't wait to be there on Friday night for the Mason County game. I saw Mason play earlier this year, and want to see how much they have improved over the break.

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I was at the game tonight and Richie is much improved from the Holmes games and Euton played better I just wish he would play inside more. I talked to Billy after the game and he is a great guy. I is worried about Mason County because they are playing extremely well right now. I will be there Friday night to and will give you my update when I get back then.

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