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How do the teams in Northeastern Ky look this year? How do the rank?


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1. Russell - has to be the top in the preseason. They have some losses from last season, but I would still them the nod.


2. Raceland - Not a homer vote. Raceland returns all most everyone from last season and will be strong.


3. Ashland - After an abnormally down season last year, I expect Ashland to much improved this season, the start of the season will still be a learning experience, but by the end of the season I expect them to pretty solid.


4. Greenup Co - They lost some good players from last season, but they also have some good players returning, with some young talent moving up. Like Ashland, I expect by season's end they will be more solid.


5. Fairview - Hit hard by graduation Fairview will have to get some more experience, but they will give some teams solid games. With a new coach you always go though some growing pains, but I expect some grit from Fairview.


6. Boyd Co - Hit hard by graduation, I expect a rebuilding year.


7. East Carter - Also, graduated some good players, I really am not sure what young talent they have coming up, but may be somewhat of a rebuilding year.


8. West Carter - I also expect a rebuilding year.


9. Lawrence Co. - New QB, new coach, coming off of a rough season. It will take some time I believe.


10. Fighting for position: Rowan Co, Morgan Co, Magoffin Co.


I don't know if you consider Johnson Central and Paintville as part of the area or not, but Johnson Central will be good I am sure, I don't know how good, but they could be a number 1-3 in the above list. Paintsville has some returners, but would likely be in the six and down position.

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Does your ranking reflect Ashland with or without Carter?


Without Carter I forecast another rocky season in Tomcat Country and some heat on the seat (whether warranted or not is open discussion)for Coach Hart.

I was taking for granted that Carter would be playing. I thought he was leaving, but several on BGP have said that he was practicing with the team, so I was counting on him being there.


You are correct, without Carter Ashland would be in trouble, in my opinion.

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