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Favorite Beer


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I will have to say that Miller Chill and Bud Light Lime are totally disgusting.


Two of my favorites would ahve to be Bud Light and Miller Light.


My absolute favorite would have to be one that Jim Schue turned me towards.....Shiner Boch. If you've never had it, you're definitely missing out. Jefferson Hall at Newport On The Levee is the only place I've been to around the NKY area that has it on tap and I get one or two everytime I go there. YUMM-O!!!

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haha :thumb:


This is going to sound dumb but it used to be Bud Light, went on a diet and starting drinking Miller Lite and get get off it now. However, in a bottle I like Bud Light more...draft I like just about anything. But from a can I go with Miller Lite.


I do enjoy a Blue Moon every now and then.

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