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  1. I would be very surprised to see them win a game this year.
  2. Thinking about going to this one. Is there any reserve seating or is it first come first serve?
  3. I hope you were being sarcastic. The only way it could be worse is getting Fleming then Boyd. There really wasn't a good draw every team in this tournament beat us this year.
  4. Not seeding the district hurts high school basketball by making the regional tournament less competitive. Congrats to Augusta.
  5. This is the team I was expecting all year. Great win tonight after Saturdays debacle against Rowan Co.
  6. Maybe someone finally woke this team up, very disappointing up to this point but I'm hoping the loss to Elliott was the wake up call. I guess we'll just have to wait and see we've got two more seed games this week then Boyd County coming in next Tuesday.
  7. They usually don't, and they played without Thompson that makes it even more surprising but, I think Frye had like 41.
  8. I love HS athletics, actually I'm in a gym or at a field probably 300+ days a year, I just don't find anything wrong with a little bit of ribbing from another teams student section as long as the curse words are left out. Greenup Co. was calling one our players Dumbo the other night because he has big ears did it bother him I don't know but he dropped 40 on them.
  9. How dare those mean ole kids talk about his ACT score.:lol2: That's the most ridiculous thing I've ever heard. Maybe they should suspend them all for bullying, come on people it's a student section I agree there shouldn't be anything said X-rated but talking about an ACT score is not a big deal.
  10. Final from the Greenhouse. Lewis led by 12 at the half but Greenup battled back and the second half was back and fourth pretty much the whole way, just as it looked Lewis was going to open it up again Greenup would bank a three or get an open dunk. Lewis was able to put it away from the line in overtime. Ruckel led Lewis with 40 points. This was Lewis County's second win over Greenup this week.
  11. The Lions are making A. Snyder look like he knows what he's talking about, even though most of us know he doesn't. They can't throw one in the ocean right now, not going to beat very many teams shooting the ball the way they are.
  12. Final from Vanceburg in the first round of the EKC. Lewis County not looking very good early this year they have some things to work out if they want to be competitive in the post season.
  13. I wasn't griping at all, just said these rankings were amusing and ADI never gives Lewis any love and that is a fact. Snyder picked the football team to go 2-8 and their 5-2 right now. Just stating an opinion not sure how you took that as griping.
  14. Rankings mean nothing, especially preseason rankings, so I could care less where he puts Lewis I just know he knows nothing about what kind of team Lewis has to put them 6th. This should be the best team Lewis has had in close to thirty years and should contend for the region title barring an injury to Ruckel.
  15. I do too, but he has a lot more to work with this year to take some of the pressure off if he's having an off night.
  16. Aaron Snyder (or anyone from the Ashland Independent for that matter) never has any love for Lewis County. I find these rankings quite amusing.
  17. Who's the kid from Fleming Sumo? I heard rumars that Troy Stewart was moving to Mason but didn't know if it was true.
  18. Lions offense is very impressive but defense has to improve. It's good to be 2-0.
  19. Let's just say I'm very excited for the season to start.
  20. Lewis County's offense looked good, the defense needs some work and special teams were very bad, but a win is a win and it's good to get the W start the season.
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