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Rose Hill Varsity Football


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After looking over the new football alignment for 2009-2010, I have noticed that Rose Hill is not listed in the 1A Class and are not listed as a non-participating school. Has Rose Hill dropped the process of starting a varsity football program, or is there some misunderstanding in the listing. If Rose Hill did not apply for the 2009 season, they will not be able to form a varsity football program until 2011.


Does anyone have any information about Rose Hill's Varsity Football program?





District-1-1- Ballard Memorial, Crittenden County, Fulton City, Fulton County, Mayfield

District-1-2- Beth Haven, Bethlehem, Caverna, Holy Cross (Louisville), Kentucky Country Day

District-1-3- Beechwood, Bellevue, Bishop Brossart, Dayton, Ludlow, Walton-Verona

District-1-4- Bracken County, Eminence, Frankfort, Gallatin County, Trimble County

District-1-5- Berea, Fairview, Lexington Christian, Nicholas County, Paris, Raceland

District-1-6- Campbellsville, Clinton County, Lynn Camp, Williamsburg

District-1-7- Harlan, Hazard, Jenkins, Pineville

District-1-8- Allen Central, Betsy Layne, Paintsville, Phelps, Pikeville, South Floyd

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That is kind of what I thought. But, if they had applied, I would think they would have been in District 1-5, with the only other 1A teams in the area, instead Berea has been added which makes a six team distinct, so I would not think they would be added to that district, to make a seven team district. And, the realignment will not be re-done until 2011.


It looks like, to me, if they would have applied that Berea would have been in another district to leave room for Rose Hill in D1-5.


Otherwise they would have to play in D1-7 which will cause a lot of travel.

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I thought that they was only going to play a J.V. schedule this year.

I thought that was the plan, JV in '08, but this realignment is for '09-'10, so if they did not apply for a varsity team for '09-'10, then they can not have a team until realignment in 2011. At least that is the way I understand it.

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Just received an email that is correspondence with RH and the KHSAA. It was a simple omission by the KHSAA. RH is in fact participating in the 09/10 season and there will be an amendment out to participating schools soon.:thumb:

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Great minds think alike! :thumb:


Where does Rose Hill plan on playing home games spindoc?

I can't answer that one 100% but there is something in the works to use KCU's field as a home field. That would be a terrific venue and garner alot of community support I think.

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