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Mason Co 74 Harrison Co 32

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Slow start for the Royals tonight. Not much PT for Middleton, didn't start, heard he was under the weather and it showed; had a hard time getting to the rim in the brief number of minutes he played; but still was able to finish with something like 8 points. King didn't suit up for the 2nd straight game; an ankle.


Career first half from Brad Pawsat, who had 10. Royals showed a lot more energy in the third quarter; Harrison couldn't buy one. Miller showed his range tonight hitting two threes from the right baseline before leaving the game. Nice game again from Setty and Browning, who started for Middleton tonight.


Will be an interesting test of wills tomorrow night.

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Harrison played okay for a half but then evidently folded in the third quarter. Mason is good with a lot of weapons among their first-line players. Really good shooters in Miller, Setty, Scott, MIddleton, etc...


A little surprised that Mason kept those first-liners in until 4 or 5 minutes left in the fourth quarter. Must be important to them to keep that power rating up...can't think of any other reason for Miller and Co. to be in a game that is obviously well in hand, especially with a good Brossart team on tap tomorrow nite. Middleton stayed in until the 2 minute mark of the fourth. If he is sick, he shouldn't be out there. If he is healthy, he shouldn't be out there either, with a margin like that.


I did notice that he got six points or so, late in the game, maybe that was the reason.


No sour grapes from C-town...the Roylas are legit and much the better team.


Just thought they could have pulled their franchise guys a bit earlier...

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