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  1. I think that it's because of the coaches. Buser had a lot of talent on her hands, and that's why the program was so high. The girls worked hard and achieved what they did because of talent. If you weren't blessed with that talent, then she didn't put the effort into making you better. You just sat the bench. That turned a LOT of girls away from the program. Mason has depended on that one or two great players to carry them through, and this year (Smith) was just not enough to get them where they needed to be. They haven't been developing the bench or role players, but Butcher had started to work on that some, as more girls were getting a chance to play. I know a lot of girls are hesitant because of the way the program used to be, fearing that they had no hope of playing time no matter how talented they were or how hard they worked. It's very much a "name" game at Mason County. It'll be interesting to see who takes over and what they do with the program.
  2. They lose 2 starters (Keller Menke and Beth Queen) to graduation, and another sometimes starter/significant player to another school (Mikayla Likins). They return Moran, B. Menke, and Smith, and should be getting back Butler, a great freshman point guard, who was out with a torn acl last year.
  3. Pretty sad when you have to say Tibbs was HELD to 20. Haha. An excellent player. Congrats to both teams. I'm excited to watch this 10th region tournament. A district loser is just as likely to come out as the region winner.
  4. Not sure about basketball, but she is definitely on her way there for softball. An excellent hitter and pitcher.
  5. St. Pat should win this game easily, but with it being their first game, who knows? Bourbon barely survived and advanced against Deming (just going on the score) with Deming missing their best player.
  6. Mason County must keep Tibbs in check in order to have a chance, and keep getting the production they are getting from their bench.
  7. No, Chelsea graduated last year. They were missing her sister, Alanna (sp) Ahrens and it seemed like one or two others.
  8. Keller Menke with 24 points, 11 rebounds. Nice game for Katelyn Smith who managed to score 16 points, even with foul trouble. McKayla Likins also played a nice game, with foul trouble, scoring a career-high 9 points. Bracken was missing a couple key players, and Haight was sidelined much of the game with foul trouble, but still had 13 points. Excellent game. If these two meet again in March, then it should definitely be an interesting match-up. A lot of turn-overs and a lot of fouls present in this game. Both teams will only get better as the year goes along.
  9. Rough first half for both teams. Many lead changes and runs by both teams, but Mason County takes the 30-26 lead into the locker room at the half. I will have to say I am impressed at Mason County's depth more than I was last year. Many different players have contributed to Mason's 30 points, both starters and non-starters.
  10. Should be a good one. I think Mason County will pull out the win this year. They'll want revenge from last year's one point loss.
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