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Rose Hill Christian pausing Basketball temporarily

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Sad situation here. I hope they can get enough players to continue the season. They started with a Roster of 7 but have a lot of injury. Nick Karle is no longer the coach. They finished the last 2 games with 4 players. Supposedly Karle wanted to Cancel the season but AD Johnny Bush said he didn't have the authority to do so.


Here is a  couple quotes from Zack Klemme's article.

Here is a quote from Karle:

"I just don't want to continue to put my daughter through that," Karle said, "knowing that she could potentially go somewhere else and play for a bigger school; not necessarily a better program, but a program that there's plenty of girls; you don't have to worry about a lack of numbers or injuries or anything like that."

This a  a quote from Bush:

"We discussed, 'You don't have the authority to do that. If we have five girls that are willing to suit up, we're going to have a season,'" Bush said. "As athletic director, having a program is my priority. In canceling the season, forfeiting the season, he forfeited his right to coach. ... The board felt that it was best to move on without him as coach after canceling the season."

Interesting article to read if you would like to check it out at the link I posted.

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