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Owensboro 35 Owensboro Catholic 7


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This was much better game than this score indicates. Boone handled himself well for first time out and will be fine going forward. However, have to give credit to Catholic. They were in their red zone atleast 3 times but couldn't muster points. This game was 21-7 at very end of 3rd quarter with OC in red zone and 2 big sacks and a few big plays and ensuing pick 6 on a tipped ball later its 35-7. Catholic plays alot a ton of Freshmen and Sophmores and hung with a bigger, faster and more experienced  OHS team for most part. Was very impressed with #5 and #25 from OHS. 

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Yards O 395, Catholic 224

Rushing Yards O - 255, Catholic 1

Passing Yards O - 140, Catholic 223


Boone was 9 for 13 for 2 TD’s and 1 INT- although you will see in the game thread that the INT was a perfectly thrown pass downfield that was right to his own WR who caught it, the volleyball set it so the Catholic defender could catch it.


Owensboro had at least 3 INT’s.  This exactly how I thought O would manage game.  Run the ball a lot with 15 passes mixed in.  They didn’t need to throw over the top or play to score 50.  The defense shut down the run game of Catholic and played to keep everything in front, which let Catholic make a lot of short completions.   Mandy got the only score for Catholic on a complete broke coverage which accounted for 60 of Ocath’s yardage.


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