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BluegrassPreps.com 14th Region Week 6 Review

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We're halfway through the 2020/21 season and it's been a fun one, so with that being said, let's take a look back at week 6 in the 14th region.


1) Hazard (13-3):   Previous Rank: 2

This Week: 2/16 vs. Betsy Layne, 2/19 vs. Leslie County

Hottest team in the region. Currently on a 4 game win streak and have only 1 loss since January 9th when they fell to Martin County. 3 of Hazard's 4 wins have came by double digits with the 4th win coming by 7 over Wolfe County. Hazard is really hot at the right time. Can they keep this momentum or will they find a downfall?

2) Wolfe County (6-6):   Previous Rank: 3

This Week: 2/16 at Breathitt County, 2/19 at Sayre, 2/20 vs. Rowan County

The Wolves won their only game of the week this past week, defeating Bath County 74-65 on Valentine's Day in Owinsgsville. Prior to the win at Bath County, Wolfe County had dropped their previous two games after a 4 game win streak. Can this win at Bath County get them back on track or is it just a mirage?

3) Knott County Central (9-5):   Previous Rank: 1

This Week: 2/18 vs. Cordia, 2/20 vs. Perry County Central

The Patriots have fell on difficult times as of late. They split their two games last week, falling 72-57 to Martin County but defeating Pike County Central 79-51. The Patriots are now 3-4 in their last 7 games after winning 6 of their first 7 games.

4) Breathitt County (12-2):   Previous Rank: 4

This Week: 2/15 vs. Jackson City, 2/16  vs. Wolfe County, 2/19 at Johnson Central, 2/20 vs. Lee County

The Bobcats are roaring. With the two wins last week, the Bobcats have now won 7 straight. Can they keep this momentum going or will they start to slip?

5) Estill County (8-4):   Previous Rank: 6

This Week: 2/17 vs. Trinity Christian, 2/19 vs. Owsley County

The Engineers won their lone game of the week last week, defeating Bluegrass United (Lex KY Home School) 54-50 in overtime. Engineers have now won 2 in a row and 6 of their previous 8 games.

6) Letcher County Central (7-6):   Previous Rank: 7

This Week: 2/16 vs. Floyd Central, 2/18 at Jenkins, 2/19 vs. June Buchanan

The Cougars suffered yet another loss last week, falling to Hazard 73-54.  Letcher County Central has now lost 4 of their previous 6 games.

7) Leslie County (5-8):   Previous Rank: 8

This Week: 2/16 vs. Perry County Central, 2/19 at Hazard

The Eagles continue to struggle. They've lost 6 of their last 7 games. 5 of their 8 losses have came to region opponents.

8 ) Buckhorn (6-9):  Previous Rank: 8

This Week: 2/18 at Lee County

No games for the Wildcats last week. Had 3 scheduled this week but two of them are COVID-19 cancellations.


9 ) Perry County Central (3-8):   Previous Rank: 9

This Week: 2/16 at Leslie County, 2/19 vs. Pike County Central, 2/20 at Knott County Central

The Commodores split two games last week, cruising past Ligon COGO Home School 99-40 but falling 61-51 to Madison Southern. The Commodores have lost 4 of their last 5 games. Usually one of the top teams in the region, not so much this season.

10) Cordia (6-8):   Previous Rank: 10

This Week: 2/16 at Prestonsburg, 2/18 at Knott County Central, 2/20 vs. LIGON COGO Home School

Cordia won two out of three games last week, defeating Red Bird 60-22 and June Buchanan 75-45. The Lions fell to Pike County Central 99-86.

11) Owsley County (7-3):   Previous Rank: 12

This Week: 2/17 vs. Red Bird, 2/19 at Estill County

No games for the Owls last week. They've not played since the beginning of Feburary.

12) Lee County (7-11):   Previous Rank: 13

This Week: 2/15 at Powell County, 2/18 vs. Buckhorn, 2/20 at Breathitt County

The Bobcats lost their only game last week in a bad bad way, 73-32 home loss to Hazard. The Bobcats have showed improvements this year but no where near against the best of the best in the region.

13) June Buchanan (7-8):   Previous Rank: 13

This Week: 2/19 at Letcher County Central

The Crusaders split their two games last week, defeating Jenkins 67-49 but falling 75-45 to Cordia.

14) Powell County (1-12):   Previous Rank: 14

This Week: 2/15 vs. Lee County, 2/16 at Morgan County, 2/19 vs. Menifee County, 2/20 Floyd Central

The Pirates finally got their first win of the season last week, edging out Burgin 65-58 in overtime. Can this be the beginning of their turnaround season or will it be the only win they get this season?

15) Jackson City (1-5):   Previous Rank: 15

This Week: 2/15 at Breathitt County, 2/18 LIGON COGO Home School, 2/20 vs. Heritage Academy.

No games for the Tigers last week. They haven't played since the beginning of February.

16) Riverside Christian (0-11):   Previous Rank: 16

This Week: No Games

The Rams continue to struggle and as of now, only have one game left in the season. 2/27. All of their losses have been blowout losses.

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