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Paintsville at Raceland Predictions/Updates (1A Playoffs)

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Raceland won the regular season game 23-20 on a last second crossbar height field goal. That was arguably the upset of the season in 1A. Paintsville entered that game undefeated and looked to be on a championship game collision course with Pikeville. This game is one of the best rivalries in 1A. Two of the past three years the regular season loser has turned the tables in the playoffs. 

The quarterback matchup is huge in this battle. Paintsville is led by senior Jake Hyden. Hyden completed 60% (#3 in 1A) of his passes in the regular season throwing for 150 yards per game, 9 touchdowns and no interceptions on the season. He also is the second leading rusher for the Tigers, averaging 55 yards per game on the ground and has rushed for 9 touchdowns. Raceland counters that with their own senior quarterback Jacob Heighton. Heighton is #3 in 1A with 204 yards passing per game, and #2 in total passing yards at 1635 yards in 8 games. He has 19 passing touchdowns (#2 in 1A) against 7 interceptions and 59% completed (#4 in 1A). Heighton has added 154 yards rushing and 5 rushing touchdowns on the season. 

Here is a link to the game thread from the regular season: 

Here is some series history from the regular season thread, courtesy of @Colonels_Wear_Blue:

Recent Record
2011: Raceland 47-0
2012: Raceland 57-0
2013: Raceland 32-10
2013: Raceland 42-12 (Playoffs)
2014: Raceland 32-0
2014: Raceland 32-21 (Playoffs)
2015: Paintsville 50-7
2015: Paintsville 20-15 (Playoffs)
2016: Paintsville 27-21 (OT)
2016: Paintsville 21-14 (Playoffs)
2017: Paintsville 32-18
2017: Raceland 31-14 (Playoffs)
2018: Paintsville 6-0
2018: Raceland 14-7 (Playoffs)
2019: Paintsville 19-15
2019: Paintsville 32-18 (Playoffs)


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The question is will Hyden be able to play. Paintsville left Raceland pretty beat up a few weeks back. If they do not have there QB I think the Rams win by 3 scores.  If he plays it is a toss up. 

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The young Rams have come along nicely this season. I'm assuming Heighton is a go for tonight. With him back in the saddle, I'll take Raceland by another slim margin. 

Obviously, Hyden's status is of paramount importance to Paintsville. 

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