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  1. The question is will Hyden be able to play. Paintsville left Raceland pretty beat up a few weeks back. If they do not have there QB I think the Rams win by 3 scores. If he plays it is a toss up.
  2. I would have it Paintsville 1 Pikeville 2 and Raceland 3. Rams played Pikeville to a 6 point game with WR at qb and it is always a battle with Paintsville . The rest will have to prove they can hang with the east . Rams lose alot but have a good group of Juniors and Seniors plus a Freshman group that just whipped up on everyone but JC and LCA.
  3. Looking at this game as anything other than just the next game on the schedule is a mistake. If Raceland comes out of this first 6 games 3-3 that will be a huge accomplishment. This will give you zero as to what a playoff game will be lime in a rematch. Hughes did a great job last week and I hope they pull the upset but Heighton is a difference maker back there. Pikeville 35- Rams 14
  4. Panic mode is a little strong. Concerned absolutely. The bright spot is that the QB may be back by the end of the season. So now you are going to lose some games you thought you may win. Take the time fix the OL shore up your defense and be ready for the playoffs. All the goals are still out there adversity makes a team stronger at times. So we will see if they really want it or if they will just roll over and die.
  5. The way I understand there is no semi-state it is just seeded 1 -8 Round 3 and then 1-4 for semi-finals. Higher seed host. The East vs West is out after round 2 so you could concievably get a Raceland vs Pikeville title game or a NCC vs Campbellsville. Just depends on seeding.
  6. Don't think numbers are a problem . Yes this year is 8 Freshman. But there are something like 22 8th graders . This year is just a odd year. Reciprocal agreement or not there are still 52 on the team thats really good for a small school.
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