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East Carter 56 West Union (OH) 7


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To start the game off on the opening kickoff West Union muffed it out of bounds to the like 4 yard line. They were forced to punt and it maybe got East back to West Unions 25-30 yard line.


On East's first offensive play Taylor Hickle threw a beautiful ball to Caleb James who caught it in stride in the endzone.


Next kickoff West Union I think let go out of bounds maybe, the kickoff return for West Union just was terrible. East almost recovered it on the 1 because West Union didn't even make a move to go get it they were gonna let it touchback but it never got there.


When east got the ball back after the punt from West Union Darin Phillips took it in on 3 carries for about 60-65 yards. He had a 5 yard gain, about a 40 yard gain and then took it the rest of the way. He was the best runner on the field tonight and he would have probably had more yards tonight if they didn't get such great field position every time. He only was tackled maybe 2-3 times and scored 3 times.



East pulled the varsity after halftime with the score 42-0. Other varsity scores were a Dalton Whitt rushing touchdown, and Hickle with his second touchdown pass on a pretty deep ball to Dalton Whitt.


Overall this game should just boost the confidence of this team, the whole theme was a new beginning for East Carter this game it was a total reboot of the program which was good to see everyone so positive. There was a pep section, and you can see Coach Champlin is trying to establish a winning program where he's at.



Also Peyton Wilburn is one of the best defensive players in this area, if you don't know him yet look for number 44 with the long hair he brings it, has so much energy.

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