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  1. I'd go for the 2 titles the past 6 years if it meant 3 early exits.
  2. Has to be an effort thing. Monk is athletic enough to guard anyone at his position. If he WANTED to, he would be able to. You could contribute it to him not being able to get into a rhythm on the other side of the court, but it's been like this all season so that's no excuse.
  3. Chase Porter is a heck of a kid and a heck of a player. Pleasure to watch him develop for 4 years.
  4. I think he is perfect for the way the NFL offenses are evolving. Depending on where he lands, he might not be a star but he is definitely going to be a weapon for years to come in my opinion. If you stick this guy on the Patriots he would have over 1000 all purpose yards his rookie year. But he won't be able to be a guy you can build your offense around, no
  5. Harbaugh tried to force feed him the Heisman, that's why he played everywhere like that
  6. After debating on taking Derek Barnett, the Colts decide that with the FA moves to sign an edge rusher (and an already deep pass rusher class) they will take Jabrill Peppers to play Safety. Raw athlete who will be a big time player when he is allowed to focus on one position.
  7. I was in a student section multiple times against Morgan County. They had consecutive years of getting foreign exchange students that played for them. Everytime we played them? Patriotic theme. Obviously I'm not proud of it now but this wasn't just a coincidence I guarantee it.
  8. Getting multiple picks for just absorbing cap is a fantastic move. Cleveland playing smart.
  9. I think this is a brilliant deal. They have the money to take on this deal. They can just cut him. 8 1st and 2nd round picks over the next two years. 4 this year and 4 next. If they keep all of them, they could end up with a solid core. My hope is that they don't try and use them to get Jimmy G from the Pats.
  10. I'm sure he will walk on to the basketball team as well (Smith). His shot at the pros is as a TE though. IMO (biased) but he'd maximize his value going to Ohio State and playing tight end. Doesn't have to be Ohio State, but TE is where he will make his money.
  11. Kentucky is in the SEC, which most schools in the SEC are piggybacking off of Bamas dominance. Kentucky is on the rise though, so they have that going for them. Kentucky is a Nike school Kentucky has amazing facilities But the question is why Cincy would be picked over UK, reasons I can think of: Closer to home (considering we are talking Ohio kids) Not in the SEC (pro and a con for both) They've won more lately. HC helped win a national title at Ohio State, and played for Ohio State Has some momentum right now I'd love to see them on eachothers schedule. They'll be competing off the field, let them do it on the field too.
  12. It's almost March, stinks they don't have a guy.
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