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  1. I don't see why they don't just postpone everything a few weeks, and then start off exactly where they left off at. I get it though.
  2. I seen Carmel won the Indiana 6a championship. Or whatever division they are in lol.
  3. Smh 3 weeks in a row I pick the wrong 5 point game.....
  4. Holmes had came a long way since the loss to Boone Co. Congrats Holmes!
  5. 5- Corbin 3-Elizabethtown 3- Manual 1-Scott Co. 1-Paintsville 1-Campbellsville 1-McCracken Co. 1-Thomas Nelson 1-Ryle 1-Allen county-Scottsville TB 42
  6. A few people told me I was way wrong about Cooper handling Boone Co. with ease. Unfortunately Boone co. Isn't a good football team. And Cooper is a decent football team!
  7. 5- Hazard 3- Elizabethtown 3- Bethlehem 1-Caldwell Co. 1-John Hardin 1-Berea 1-Russell 1- Somerset 1-McCracken Co. 1-Glasgow TB- 31
  8. Ouch! I knew it was bad. I didnt know itd be worst of the week bad!!!!!
  9. Unfortunately should be an easy one for Cooper. Cooper with the running clock.
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