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Trimble County 61 Gallatin County 55

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Just an absolutely great game to watch. Both teams played extremely hard. It was the kind of game you'd expect between these two teams over the last few years. Getting to be a good rivalry. Gonterman showed signs of she has for TC and Bowen keeps the hot hand for GC. The usual suspects for both teams did their thing too.

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Close game with several lead changes.


Scoring for the Lady Raiders:

Black 17

Clifford 15

Gonterman 12

Brierly 7

Clark 6

Riddle 4


For the Lady Wildcats:

Bowen 21

Dossett 15

Terrell 7

Sullivan 5

Beatty 3

Wesley 2

Wainscott 2



The Lady Raiders have had several nice the teams the past few years, but have always been one or two players shy of having a solid rotation of 8 quality contributors, which is what it will take for them to overcome their larger district and region rivals. If it can happen this year, then 2014-15 might be their season in the sun.

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