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Daviess County 93 Madisonville 62

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OHS had Eli Wright, Ben Moss and Marshall Griffin in their system. Add those 3 players to the current OHS roster and you would have a state championship favorite IMO.


Daviess County has a ton of potential this season. I admit to being one of those guys in the offseason who thought the 3rd region was a 2 horse race between Apollo and OHS, but County is legit. Griffin has gotten even better than he was a year ago. Throw in Stewart Currie and lookout. Curry is so long he can get a shot from almost anywhere. The Hagan kid is back for DC as well. He adds even more athleticism to their lineup. As an Apollo guy i came away even more worried about a potential dog fight just to get out of the 9th district.


In the meantime, here is a clip my partner from the Homers show got of Zach Burton on a NICE put back slam........ [video=youtube_share;16VeWJp0db4]

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