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By my count....

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..there have been 38 coaching changes this year. While it seems like a higher number than normal, it's not (I 've mentioned in other threads, but I have the numbers since '08 somewhere and this year is right on par with the past); the difference IMO is the quality of jobs that have come open this year...in bulk. I can't ever remember a year like this where so many 'good' ones (even, Great) have come open.


The ones with stars are still open to my knowledge. They are in no particular order, just in the order that they came to me. 38 Jobs and. 9 that are still open. Personally, I expect this number to go up even higher, b/c some more dominos are likely to fall with a few of those jobs that are still open. Any others I'm missing and/or jobs that have-haven't been filled?




Marshall County ****


Webster County

Logan County

South Warren

Warren Central ****

Elizabethtown ****

Louisville Doss

Louisville Iroquois

Louisville Valley

Louisville Fern Creek ****


Lex. Tates Creek ****

South Laurel

Lincoln County ****

Boyle County

Garrard County



Central Hardin

Lexington Catholic


Rowan County




Muhlenberg County

Ohio County

Shelby Valley ****

Oldham County


Caverna ****

Whitley County

Clark County (GRC) ****

Madison Central

Thomas Nelson

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Coaches role and responsibilities are changing in the classroom and on the field. Expectations are very high and most schools want an immediate winner. This year I have seen more 1 year type replacements than ever before. This is a sign of the times. Most of these guys work for very little and give up a lot, but I have also seen a lot great coaches just leave the profession the last few years. Not enough time and Not enough help = cannot do a good job, just sad times. Football takes several coaches, but you can coach other sports with fewer coaches. This will be huge in the times to come.

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For better or for worse high schools are following the example set by colleges. Year round programs, para professional coaches with few or no teaching responsibility (college coaches used to be professors), bonuses base on performance etc.


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I do not think it is fare to compare the peanuts that are paid to a high school coach to say what a guy a college guy that is an assistant making 500,000 in a losing program. Most coaches do not make enough to pay for their gas, and I do not like the fact you would even compare the two. Most college coaches do not teach, do weight training, or keep mom-mas happy. To me high school football coaches are the last strong hold of discipline left in teaching toughness and survival.

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Didn't say one word about base pay. To say that high schools aren't following the example set by colleges in the way that programs are now being run is to ignore the reality of the situation.


And aren't you overstating it somewhat, teaching survival??

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If you are a program with numbers like Trinity, X, Central, Ballard, Highlands, Bowling Green, and small schools like Desales, Christian Academy. Most do not have the luxury of being able to platoon the way that they would like. I was just saying that out of about 176+ playing schools only about 35 to 40 can be run effectively like a college program. I would say most coaches would love to be able to platoon 1) It takes about 5 good coaches, 2) It takes at least 25 players that can play not just suit up. The reality you are ignoring is the fact that High School coaches are very underpaid and many times teach a class load that is very difficult. In addition, they may only have para-professionals that put everyone at risk in liability situations, because they are not suppose to coach a position unless they are certified by the KHSAA through coaching certification

. Remember these are just opinions on being around the game for 50 years.

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