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  1. 2A is the best class top to bottom or from 1 - 25, and when you look at the bottom 7 you see a program like Murray that is down it tells you how good the competition level is. I believe Mayfield, Danville, Glasgow if they improve running game, Lexington Christian, and Deslaes are as good as they come. I am not knocking Louisville Christian or Somerset, those other schools are just playing great football and are well coached. (Glasgow) has great depth, but their running game must improve to Win it all, because right now they are average at best running the football. I would not be shocked to see Danville get this State Championship. Their team speed/and physicality up front is very good. Best of luck to all in 2A
  2. Most admins today have not coached like in the past. This has definitely caused a culture shift. You do not only see in when you walk in the buildings, you can feel it. Coaches were able to motivate people to do extraordinary things and had an idea of what students liked and did not like about school. Because coaches put themselves on the same level with students to reach them it usually made them outstanding Administrators. However, with SBDM the Principal is now the hiring contract for their school, and they do not want to deal with someone that has high expectations, because when you hire a WINNER that is successful, then everyone will either have to rise to their level or it makes them look bad. So now most admins hire to fire in 4 or less so that they do not get this pressure. Our society, schools, and kids are suffering because of the lack of motivation and expectations of great coaches.
  3. I quess that is why we as a state are producing so many, great athletes. My point was coach what you know, and I would say Perry prior to coming to the talent at Catholic was beaten by a lot of traditional football teams, because he did not have Nerf talent.
  4. "There are two types of coaches those that have been fired and those that are going to be fired." To the gentlemen that keep on hating on old school football just remember. Alabama gave the ball to the same guy 45 times in the semi-final game. Every person watching the game knew he was getting it "it did not matter" The Alabama coaching staff makes a combined 16,000,000.00 in coaching supplements to send plays in from the sideline by a guy that I would not allow to date my daughter. Point is you coach what you know how to coach, and coach to the best of your ability. The Spread, The I, The Split, The Bone, Flex, Wing-T. Just remember those guys like Mark Brown Wing -T, Johnny Hines - Multiple, Larry French Wing-T with a Twist, Chuck Smith - Double Tight Formations, all old school, and all very successful. Chances are when you go to there Spring Practice you will see the 1 on 1 drill, 2 on 2 drill, and blocking and tackling. All guys that subscribe to the nerf football syndrome best of luck when you play against these guys.
  5. As I posted in another post, until Football Coaches really come together and unite, then it is a matter of time that football as a sport in this state is in trouble. When coaches are removed, fired, or whatever that takes behind the scenes that are happening at alarming rate, then it is time Unification. With 40-50 jobs per/year turn over in this state, the we are at a tipping point. I do understand both sides, but the lack of support as well as help for Head Football Coaches are unprecedented in this state. You cannot coach football from a technique or safety stand point, but if you are being evaluated on success, then I do not know any principals that can evaluate a coach if they do not give them what them need to be successful. As far as Ray goes, "Not a finer man or football coach", the old school statement is a joke, and is very condescending to football coaches and our sport. If you teach people to block, tackle, and lift weights correctly then you are operating from a safety aspect, not an old school. If coaches do not teach football then they need to coach a sport where you roll a ball out, where you do not have to worry about safety.
  6. Marion is one of the most difficult jobs in Central Kentucky. You can compare the athletes their to the one's at a Mercer. Marion is a Rural school with inner city kids in the mix. Coach Robbins along with Assistant Principal Robbie Peterson were able to manage the on/off the field situations with the program. There were other great assistants on the staff that were non-teachers, and Coach Peterson does not coach anymore. Tom Sullivan past head coach at Marion works with the Middle School team, but like said before there seems to be little togetherness when it comes to the program at this time. The right person can be very successful, but this person will need time and full-time help that they can trust, and teach within the building at MCHS. In addition, I think Sullivan runs the weight program and I believe that position must go to the Head Coach.
  7. Never said Adair, and or coaches were not good. Just the opposite. I was simply making a case from observation of being on a big stage. I think they are as good as E-Town and Caldwell. You guys may be selling you own program short. When I watch a game, I do not watch the ball, I see what is going on in the trenches. Not from Adair, and often wonder if Gay would have been there 10 years ago how good the program would be. I am just throwing out things about leadership, because you are good enough to win those games, however, everyone has to do there part on and off the field. If you think that players do not count reps or no who is in or out you are sadly mistaken. Hope that Adair reaches it's potential in 2016, because they have the talent and staff to do so. Best of Luck.
  8. So some believe that the weights have no factor, I will just disagree, because if your quarterback in which in most cases is the leader of your team and refuses to take in school weight lifting, and the rest of the players see that he is allowed, then this is not much of a leader. My point was this showed when the chips were down in the Metcalfe game. Point blank they did not respond to physical contact.
  9. Jaggers would be a great fit at Marion. The thing Marion has to do is get their Middle School producing some football players. They did not field a team this year at Lebanon Middle in which in my opinion would rival athletes at Mercer and Danville. In addition, former Danville Asst is an Assistant Principal at Lebanon Middle, and worked with Josh's dad at Danville. This will never be an easy position, because the Superintendent does not live there. My opinion is that if there is no personal investment made in the community then you just go home at night and no one cares, and Lebanon is a community that has always loved sports. This dedication and skin in the game must come from the top. At this time they do not have it. That being said Josh would be a great hire.
  10. Coach Gay, and staff has made great strides at Adair. However, the only difference with them and the other people mentioned on the Big Stage (E-Town, Caldwell, Tillman), is the weight room. I have seen them play against the good one's and one's that are rebuilding. The Metcalfe game is one that you must look at. While Adair won the game Metcalfe out hit them because of weight room strength. If they want to improve and overcome those teams then they must get complete buy in. Because when this group is gone they may go back to the days where the struggle to get to .500. Again this is not a knock they have stepped up, just making an observation of competition.
  11. Men, I had the opportunity to visit some former coaches from the state of Kentucky in Georgia last weekend. It is time that with the Kentucky Football Coaches Association/Kentucky High School Athletic Association/and by all means AD's, Principals and Superintendents, have a meeting on how to improve coaching situations in our State. Many of them said they had left because of pay, but a lot was about having certified help on the staff that worked within this school district. Maybe beating a dead horse, but the only way it is going to improve is for the entire group working together. It is not a coincidence that we are having 30 - 40 new Head Coaching vacancies each year. I know of a position at this time that is a good position and a great place to live, but the money and teaching situation are horrible so they are not getting any applications. As I have seen many of my friends get out over the last few years it is troubling, but the story is the same, no money, little help and or support, teach a full load of classes, and no family time. The making of 3 cents an hour by most has run its course. I would hope that Jimmy Reed could put a well respected group together to move this forward.
  12. Bell County - Do not be afraid to hire Coach Hilton again, applied or not. It has worked out well for Louisville and Petrino. John Petett - Superintendent better try to presuade him to stay. I am watching across the State the downfall of many rural programs, because the Coach has more community support than the Superintendents and they want them out. The president from Alabama made a great statement - The day we hired Saban our enrollment jumped 212%. I do not think this new Supt at Monroe may realize, just by him staying will make her job much easier.
  13. Bell County - Do not be afraid to hire Coach Hilton again, applied or not. It has worked out well for Louisville and Petrino. John Petett - Superintendent better try to presuade him to stay. I am watching across the State the downfall of many rural programs, because the Coach has more community support than the Superintendents and they want them out. The president from Alabama made a great statement - The day we hired Saban our enrollment jumped 212%. I do not think this new Supt at Monroe may realize, just by him staying will make her job much easier.
  14. Jim, these would of been Community College teams, like City-College of SanFrancisco. I am pretty sure that Mississippi still does this but will only take Lineman from out of State no skill guys. I Still like the idea 24 years later. More player playing!
  15. In the Spring of 1991 there was a plan presented to the governor by a football staff member at the University of Kentucky to start programs at all Community College Systems throughout the State (12) total programs. At that time there were not many schools in Kentucky that had gotten their NAIA programs up and running. This staff member felt that there was great deal of talent in Kentucky that just had not been full developed, and maybe with a couple of years they would be college ready. If not for UK, but for any program that offered Grant in Aide. Bottom line it was money to start the programs, even though it could have been done and still should be done, unless it is the right persons' idea then it will never happen. It saddens me that players from across the state that could benefit from a couple of more years of school to get an associates degree, or even to get a Division I offer it just would give players more opportunities. There are literary 100's of players in KY that could play if given the opportunity. I have talked to my Senator on a number of occasions about this and he says there is no money? I just tell him we are failing many kids that just need the same opportunity that they have in states like Indiana, California,Mississippi, Florida, Georgia, Texas, and many more. If you live in South Carolina and go to a public college, as long as you pass with a C average, tuition is free.
  16. I think there are also coach where you "FIT" success that can be pointed to. That being said not everyone can win with someone else's talent and vise/versa. Great examples of this that get it done are Thompson at Wayne, Pettitt at Monroe, McNamme at Pikeville, Davis at Desales, Louisville Central, Gay at Adair, Smith at Boyle, Perry at Garrard. Other Examples that Scheme or Systems fit there players Pulaski - Coach Hines has built several programs around a system GREAT COACH, Coach Perry at Lexington Catholic has built his program around a scheme. Lastly, Coach Dixon at Hazard and Coach Elam at Pineville probably outwork most coaches with very little help because of school size. The problem is if you want to be a Head Coach find a school were your personality, ego, and their expectations/traditions can blend if not you will be looking about every two years. Just a thought.
  17. I do not think most realize that you are responsible for football K-12. Your job the last time I checked was to develop your program from this (K-12) so you know what you have coming all the way through. I have known coaches to have their High School Players coach the younger teams to help them develop as role models/players.
  18. Campbellsville has more talent than they have had since Chappell was the Head Coach in 09. Dale Estes former Eagle is Head Coach now. However, if passing league is an indication to the Eagle success then they might not be able to beat physical teams. Glasgow in week 1 will be a huge test. This district schedule should be the weakest in Eagle Nation History.
  19. I see 3 or even as many as 4 loses for the Eagles. Losing the Senior Quarterback that will hurt them. Health will be a big factor as well. Eagles still want to Iron man it to the point that it beats them up toward the middle of the season. It is a shame that they play to emotional games back to back (Taylor and Green), but if that has changed and the two brothers that are shopping to leave, then Campbellsville could very well be playing for a Regional Title. If they lose to Glasgow, then to Taylor and Green then Danville, then the outlook may change.
  20. Harry, Coached 15 seasons at same school. Head Coach/Assistant pay way $12,200 total, no full-time coaches just para-professionals. Furthermore, have been slightly competitive and AD had bright idea to get us into bowl games so it would be like having 7 Home games. One bowl paid around 3,500, and the other bowl paid around 2,700. While this sounds good monetarily we were always out manned and out class sized by 3 to 4 class sizes. I got a pat on the back and told well you all were competitive and that is what it is all about. One year we played a team from another state that dressed 62 Juniors and Seniors total. We only dress 40 total 9-12. I lost 2 key players for the season and my parents of those two players have never forgiven me. Once again this is what many coaches are falling victim to. We need the money so sacrifice your players, so we can run our athletic programs. Oh by the way make sure you win at least 6 games. This is why I do not want young coaches to think they are the only one's getting jerked around, everyone is in a similar boat. The tenure thing is another issue. If you have gotten tenure in one district as an assistant, then you may want to stay. It is very hard to move today for a head coaching position if you think you may not be able to get or keep tenure or have tenure at one district and if you move then it takes two years to get it in the other district. Risky for a young coaches family.
  21. I understand both and realize as a coach for 25+ years. I work in a district that paid the Head Coach before me 18% of salary which in the 80's was around 17,000. I do not know many coaches that have a supplement of over $10,000.00 today. Young coaches trying to provide for families has become very difficult and those that have been around awhile might be raising grand kids. The entire landscape of coaching has changed and if districts do not fix this problem then the kids will suffer even more.
  22. As many as ten years ago a proposal was given to the KHSAA, Superintendents, and Principals. Many will deny knowledge of this but it happened. Before the 6 Class system was brought up there was an alternate plan that might even have dropped football to 3 Classifications. That plan basically said if you want to play for a state championship and you are between 0 - 400 you are in Division I, and so on up the ladder. If your school just wants to play a ten game schedule and not compete for a title you are in Division II also based on enrollment. The theory was and still exist today. There are many schools that will not play other schools no matter the size or geographic/money making situation. The great divide still exists with the 6 class system. It is time for someone to say that those that want to compete these are the teams you have to play, and those of you that just want to fill a schedule and have a team these are the teams you play.
  23. So what you are saying then no school will ever allow a coach to get tenure now. That way when they want to get rid of them they do not have to keep them as a teacher. It looks very tough with the 30+ jobs to be filled that everyone will get a teaching job. There is no more creating positions. So it could work well if you have someone that does a good job that you would want to keep them happy, and pay them what they deserve.
  24. Question for Guru and Doyle - Do you see this year being a year of many coaches hired that do not actually teach at the same district they coach at. I have a friend that has been offered two head positions, and 1 assistant position, but none of the districts have teaching positions available. They have asked him to get permission from his district to take over the programs. He has to let 1 know on Wednesday and the other on Friday. The job he has now is good, but feels with re-alignment that it is dead end.
  25. Corey Crume's to turn down. Crume has coached their, played their and has been a great leader in the classroom as an AP teacher and coach at Louisville Southern.
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