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  1. Why step down so late in the off-season...that really messes over the school and program.
  2. With the constant moving of players...I'm sure the coach doesn't know who is coming back.
  3. Just knowing their situation...a coach is not in it for the wins...they are there for the players...its almost impossible to win there. I'm assuming that is the case for the new hire.
  4. I heard it was 15% of Staff cuts in Boyd County.
  5. I hate that for Lincoln County...tough situation to be in all around.
  6. Wow...last I read about him they didn't know if he was going to win the QB job at FD. I guess he made a good impression on UC from his playing days at Knott County for UC to offer him a scholarship. Good luck to the young man.
  7. Rough district to be in from the looks of the new alignment. Bethlehem, Campbellsville, Louisville Holy Cross & Fort Knox. From the looks of the teams Fort Knox will have a hard time competing in this district. What do they have coming back?
  8. With who is in their district I would think it would be a descent job to have....I seen that NCC is in there but the other 2 I would think Bellevue would be competitive with.
  9. I think it would be hard to find a coach to take on a district like that with the past records that Lincoln has had. What names have been associated with this job?
  10. I read it wrong...they used to run the single wing and had moderate success with the offense. Now they are going to the Wing T with the new coach...which as I mentioned earlier are similar offenses.
  11. I stand corrected....it does say Wing T...which is very similar to the single wing except from under center....good luck to Fort Knox.
  12. I think the Single wing on offense is what I read on another site...not sure about the defense.
  13. Besides his stint at Powell County where else has Brandon Brewer coached...where is he from?
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