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  1. I voted that none of them would, but if I had to pick one, it would probably be Central or CAL.
  2. So, if it was a "credible" threat, wouldn't it have just been as simply as having someone standing outside the door of the school, and when they saw the "crazy guy with a can of gas" running down the street, you stop him? He gave an exact play-by-play of what he was going to do, so why not just catch him? Have cops around the area of Frankfort (Ave?) like he said, and arrest him there. It was apparently a very believable threat, so why not believe him on the rest of his actions? And I'm still worried that no one check on Coach Brohm in all of this, part of the threats were directed towards him. Did he know? Is he filing charges as well?
  3. I'm not trying to start anything with this, but I watched the video of the last play several times. It was taken from the Corbin side, field level. Does a Corbin player come off of the sideline to attempt to tackle the Central player? I don't see any Corbin players really looping back to prevent a return, and the kid come absolutely flying in from off camera. He could have been in on the play and I keep missing it, but that's what it looks like for me. And I'm not placing or passing blame, because that's a wild and emotional ending, to a long and emotional season, after a hard fought game. I get it, stuff happens.
  4. So, are we worried about the safety for Jeff Brohm? Because one of those tweets was directed towards him, and said he was going to address him directly. He said, specifically, he was going to address Brohm before he did it. Has he been contacted about any of the possible details of the situation? Was there a look out for anyone "running down Frankfort" potentially looking dangerous?
  5. I feel awkward, because I'm pretty sure I "liked" some of those tweets, and probably laughed at them.
  6. I've seen teams with adequate locker rooms that are close, still opt to stay on the field at halftime. Adequate is such a relative term. I'm sure there are plenty of places where the visiting locker rooms are much better than the visiting teams locker room at their home field. But, if you don't have an accessible bathroom and water, then that's an issue. And "close" isn't something I really understand. Your close and my close are probably different distances, and that's fine. Although, I did hear of a team one time whose water source was the baseball locker room showers, so they filled up their coolers from the shower head. And that just seemed really gross to me. I think those kind of things are the biggest issue.
  7. Larue is who I would like to see win, because I think that would be a great story. If they don't have 7 turnovers, and they're able to dictate a lot of the flow of the game, I wouldn't be surprised to see them pull this upset. With that being said, their scores look kind of odd this year. They've scored: 6, 0, 13, 14, and 8. While also scoring over 40 in their other games. They haven't scored in the 20s or 30s all season. And have won every time they scored more than twice. Go Hawks!
  8. Even winning just a game at Dunbar is something. Not exactly dealing with Trinity standards.
  9. Just take the top 3 per district, and give the district winner a bye week to start the playoffs. I don't like the idea of good 3rd place teams missing out, and just taking 3 would be the best way to solve the blowouts and have very few "good" teams left out. And I personally prefer 6 classes, because I think there isn't a huge size difference between the smallest and largest team per class. Even if you went down to 5 classes, the difference between the bottom school in one class and the middle school of the next class up could potentially be huge.
  10. I'm really looking forward to Insert Playername at UK next year. That kid can absolutely ball.
  11. As long as it was, I did think the ending was pretty good. Not just the UK aspect of it, but the whole way he did it in the video. Although, everybody talking before hand was a bit much. But congrats to the kid on a LOT of hard work paying off.
  12. The end of it is going to be him announcing, and then going through his college senior day festivities.
  13. Considering Caverna hasn't won a game in several years, I'm inclined to go with Crittenden here.
  14. I went with "no" simply because, to me, it felt too assuming to write off PT, Caldwell, E-town entirely. And it's not that I fully think one of them will, it's just that on any given night, I think they CAN.
  15. I think this will be a telling game for Taylor County, regardless of outcome. But, I think I pick them to win a "closer than it should be, but never really in doubt" game. Say, 42-14 or so.
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