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  1. And Shaun offered to pay half for the turf. They were asking the school board to pay the other half. Ryle's field was paid for 100% from a private donation.
  2. Conner Hempel 07 - 11 at Ryle had all the tools. But he played on a team that ran the ball 80% of the time.
  3. Same thing this week as last. On this thread most people are voting that SK will lose. But in The NKY contest people are voting for SK to win by a 2 to 1 margin.
  4. If Ryle turns the ball over like they have the past two weeks it will be a long night.
  5. It was great to see the Ryle Sr. backup running back get his first TD of the season.
  6. Interesting. Majority of people picking Campbell County in the poll. But 12 - 5 margin taking SK in the NKY contest.
  7. Cooper will have to stop the run to have a chance.
  8. This game should be a good test for Ryle. After a disappointing start to the season the Raiders are headed in the right direction. This will be a good measuring stick for Ryle.
  9. Yes he was. Also Conner Himple ( not sure of the spelling ) was a D-1 QB. That is 3 D-1 QB's in the last 6 years. Not to bad.
  10. Ryles field field was 100% private donations. The money that Shaun Alexandria was offering would have covered 50% of the cost.
  11. Ryle has an off season program. Always had and always will.
  12. The NKY 6A are often told they can't win a state championship because they don't work hard enough.
  13. Maybe the problem is that one AP writer is just not working hard enough??????? At least this is the reason That NKY 6A can not compete for a state championship................... At least that what they are told. They need to work harder to be competitive
  14. Can anyone confirm that Simon Kenton is adding a 1A school to their schedule next year ?
  15. . Perhaps they should have added a 1A school to get them ready?
  16. Is it more pressure or is it higher expectations?
  17. I thought there was problem last year during the playoffs. Bad exchanges between the visiting players and the SK fans. If I remember correctly things were thrown at the players by unhappy fans. And inappropriate words were exchanged.
  18. Is there an official bracket out yet? Or are there still games this week that could change things?
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