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  1. I never said anything about anyone one winning anything. Someone asked what type of playoff set up you would like. I posted what I thought you would want. You said I was correct. Then you added you added your little snarky comment. But just for the record I think one of the big 3 will win it all.
  2. Well sweet cheeks I think Scott County could.
  3. Then why not just have A Jefferson County tournament?
  4. I am guessing he wants the teams to be seeded. And all the top seeds should be from Jefferson County.
  5. I think if you go back and check last years preseason threads I think you will find most people were expecting Ryle to be a 6 and 4 team. Most everyone said they would lose to Cov. Cath. Lex. Cath. Highlands and S. K. It wasn't until they won their first 6 games people started noticing them.
  6. What happen to your " no more posting on this thread. You only lasted 13 hours. Footballforever74
  7. What happen to your " no more posting on this thread. You only lasted 13 hours.
  8. Looks like they played 7 common opponents. The other 3 games Ryle plays two 6A schools and a 5A school. SK plays a 2A, a 4A and a 6A.
  9. Nice win Raiders. Now on to your two biggest games of the year.
  10. Nice win Raiders. Great job coaches getting all the 2's, 3's and freshmen playing time.
  11. I love the fact that a SK starts a thread so he or she can take pot shots a school.
  12. Beechwood loses on the road to the #2 5A school and they drop a couple places. Dose not seem right. JMO
  13. I'm guessing Coopers field is under water from the rain. And to think Hellbird spent all that time last night watering it down.
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