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  1. RCC9. You and a lot of people are missing THE biggest advantage Highlands has over just about every other school in the state. Academics. Always one of the top ranked schools in the state.
  2. You hit the nail on the head with your rankings. However I disagree with your game of the week. SK at Cooper.
  3. Well......................... Everyone tells the rest of 6A outside of Louisville you just have to work harder.
  4. REALY.................... In 2011 when Highlands beat Ryle by 49. And in 2012 when they beat Ryle by 45. The Highlands fans got on BGP and told the Ryle fans to stop their crying. If you don't like it. Get better. Or if you don't like it stop us. Now Ryle wins by 36 and you say they are showing poor sportsmanship. REALY.........
  5. What a joke. Looks like several coaches have something against SK. And how in the world is Highlands two behind Cooper. Good news is that most of this will get settled on the field.
  6. Should be a great game in Union. Fun to watch. I'll take Ryle 42 - Highlands 41
  7. Anyone know if the game will be on radio or Internet ???
  8. Fumbles. One the tight end fumbled after the catch. The second HC punted the ball. It took an bad bounce and hit off the leg of a Rlye player.
  9. Footballforever74 asking why Cooper is playing a 2A school. He is a SK fan.
  10. Maybe you should ask your head coach. He schedules 2A schools.
  11. Yes Grant County is 5A. And yes they played freshmen and sophomores.
  12. Where is the S.K. Vs X going to be played?
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