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  1. Conner has a lot of weapons in the passing game. Boone seems to have fallen on hard times again. Game shouldn't be close, there fore I am expecting a barn burner coming down to the last series! Get your popcorn and milk duds!:popcorn:
  2. Just an FYi Guru... Lloyd had not 1, not 2, but 10 turnovers vs. Scott.. I bet Boone rebounds in this one! We will see what kind of coaching Boone truly has this week I believe.
  3. Big win for the Rebels. Dunbar has some athletes and speed. Still improvement needed by Boone. Enjoy the ride.
  4. Ryle has to figure out something on offense. Connor looked impressive week 1.
  5. Both teams with opening week wins. Dunbar did it with offense. Boon County defense looked impressive. Who wins and why? Please start a poll moderators. Thank you!
  6. Both teams may have set a single game record for combined turnovers.
  7. Can a moderator fix the poll. It should read Holmes/Boone County. Not Dixie. Thank you!
  8. 4A Holmes vs. 5A Boone County. Who wins this game. Both teams scrimmaged Dixie in the preseason. Both teams made Dixie look much improved over last year. Result?
  9. They should all get Official of the year recognition. Putting up with all the horse hockey they do, and the traveling. Give them all an award!
  10. Everyone is entitled to their opinions on this. I do not recall questions any coaches game decision on here or a coaching change. I do feel that the powers to be at the school only care that the programs run smoothly without a bunch of parent complaints or feed back. I think wins and losses are low on the priority list for them. But when the parents complain long and loud enough it sure seems like the coaches get booted. I have no dog in the fight as far as who the coaches are but make sure they get a fair shake and let them run their program not the parents.
  11. Comparing the girls programs to the boys programs is a joke. I don't care how title 9 crazy you are. The girls program at Ryle has always been solid now they have talent. That's awesome. The boys program has never consistently won. Different beast. If you don't understand why then I cant explain it to you. I hope I m wrong and that he turns things around at Ryle. But there are no Mr. Basketballs in the hall ways in any of the schools that feed Ryle. There are no boys that dedicate themselves to the program at this point. We will see if he can turn things around! Ill sit back an watch. Hope they have good popcorn!
  12. This is why he was not the best hire! He has spent his entire career at PC. Never had to deal with football program. PC is a true basketball school. Ryle is in shambles. Administration has no clue how to support a program. Heck the AD wasn't even in any of the interviews. Now that is a joke. He will have his hands full not only trying to get the kids out, but dealing with the Triple Crown prince and princesses will be something he never experienced before. This is one of those programs where coaching careers die.
  13. There is not a single team in Northern Kentucky that can stay within 20 or more of Colerain!
  14. Ryle job is a whole different beast than Pendleton County. If he gets the job he better be ready for an eye opening experience!
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