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  1. I look for Highland to bounce back this year. I could anywhere from 7 - 3 to 9 - 1
  2. You know this all sounds good in April. But come Playoff time and you have to play another good team from the same county the crying will begin. Funny how schools in the same city think they should be in different regions.
  3. For me the only down side for Highlands is parking.
  4. Last year they played At Dixie. So I'm guessing they will have them at home also.
  5. This year Ryle plays LexCath, CovCath, Highlands, Cooper and SK at home this year. Maybe that will give them an edge??
  6. He was 6'0 as a freshmen. Scout.com from 2015 has him listed at 6'2.
  7. I am not disagreeing with you. Just pointing out he made a big impact as a freshmen.
  8. Travis did not start as a freshmen but he did have around 600 yards rushing that year.
  9. Really. Am I understanding this correctly. You are slamming a fourth grader? If so that is totally classless.
  10. One of the toughest players I have ever seen in high school.
  11. So the CJ list at least 14 QB's better than Ryles Tanner Morgan. I find that hard to beleave.
  12. They just changed to the visitor side not to long ago. They use to have their bench on the home side.
  13. I'm guessing that when a school only has one set of bleachers the home team can have their bench on either side ???
  14. You are clueless. Ryle had 3 losses this season. Two were against a Top 5 team in the state. The other was too a top 10 team. Five of the teams Ryle played this year are still in the playoffs. So yes Ryle had a good season.
  15. H I think SK is the best team in NKY this year. But playing at Cooper will be a tough test for SK.
  16. Very impressed with Conners QB. Played his heart out.
  17. WOW !!! Didn't see this coming. Voting against Ryle. Big shock.
  18. I think Ryle should win. But they better bring their A game. Conner is for real. Good Luck to both teams.
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