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  1. There are several good teams in NKY this year. Last I checked there are 10 weeks left in the regular season. Everything will sort itself out. No need to be so negative towards other teams. When you respond to one certain person you are playing his game. Good luck, good Heath and have fun to all the teams in NKY.
  2. Total enrollment grades 9 - 12 for school year 14/15 was 1672 students
  3. I think coach Marksberry has a very good job turning the S. K. Football program. It is a shame that one person can turn so many people aginst the program.
  4. I have a question. How are Scott and Simon Kenton in the same school district. But in different regions for sports??
  5. Here is what I found on Wikipedia. I have not read every post on this thread, sorry if someone already put this up. Deadly force, as defined by the United States Armed Forces, is the force which a person uses, causing—or that a person knows, or should know, would create a substantial risk of causing—death, serious bodily harm or injury. In most jurisdictions, the use of deadly force is justified only under conditions of extreme necessity as a last resort, when all lesser means have failed or cannot reasonably be employed.[1][2] Firearms, bladed weapons, explosives, and vehicles are among those weapons the use of which is considered deadly force. The use of non-weapons in an aggressive manner, such as a baseball bat or tire iron, may also be considered deadly force.[2] Deputy Sheriff with submachine gun "Use of deadly force" is often granted to police officers when the person or persons in question are believed to be an immediate danger to people around them. For example, an armed man flaunting a firearm in a shopping mall without regard to the safety of those around him, and refusing or being unwilling to negotiate, would warrant usage of deadly force, as a means to protect others. The use of deadly force is also authorized when a person poses a significant threat to a law enforcement officer, usually when the officer is at risk of serious bodily injury or death. In the United States, this is governed by Tennessee v. Garner, (U.S. Supreme Court 1985) which said that "deadly force...may not be used unless necessary to prevent the escape and the officer has probable cause to believe that the suspect poses a significant threat of death or serious bodily harm to the officer or others." This case abolished the Fleeing felon rule where a fleeing felon who posed no immediate threat to society (e.g., a burglar) could be shot if they refused to halt.[2] However, in Graham v. Conner (U.S. Supreme Court 1989) the court expanded its definition to include "objective reasonableness" standard--not subjective as to what the officer's intent might have been--and it must be judged from the perspective of a reasonable officer at the scene--and its calculus must embody the fact that police officers are often forced to make split-second decisions about the amount of force necessary in a particular situation.[2] Most police agencies establish a use of force continuum and list deadly force as a force of last resort. With this model, agencies try to control excessive use of force. Nonetheless in the United States there are a high number of killings by law enforcement officers. In the United States, a civilian may legally use deadly force when it is considered justifiable homicide, that is to say when the civilian feels that their own life, the lives of their family, or those around them are in legitimate and imminent danger.[2] In all advanced countries the law requires an investigation whenever a civilian or law enforcement officer uses deadly physical force that causes someone's death. This may include determining whether the officer's use of deadly physical force was appropriate under the relevant standards established. For example, in the United States an investigation is usually performed by a larger police agency and/or a civilian agency, such as a county prosecutor or State Attorney General.[2] A report of the findings of such an investigation may be submitted for prosecution and made public.[3]
  6. Could it be that the only 6A teams on the schedule are the district games??? Even if Holy Cross wasn't down they are still 2A.
  7. Any word on the freshmen coaches? Are they coming back?
  8. If so, Thank You coach Woolf, Harden and Gray. The kids need and want you.
  9. If you go up to the search at the top you can look it up.
  10. Here is my 2 cents worth. This needs to end. A mistake was made by a young man. I am willing to bet he is very sorry and would undo his actions if he could. Let's hope he has learned from it. The longer this goes on the longer the family of the departed have to read and hear about this. They have suffered enough with the lose of a child. What I think should be done. The student or students involved should make a new, bigger and better sign and hang it at Ryle. The Ryle students should go to the Cooper vs. Cov Cath game if they want. And before the game join hands in a moment of silence for the departed and their family...... We were all young and we all made mistakes..... For the family's sake let's move on, PLEASE
  11. The banner was hung their because that was the section the seniors sat in for the Ryle pep rally.
  12. I'm with you 100% coach Woolf is a great teacher, a great coach and a great man. My son is a better young man for having him as a teacher. I also heard the new coach was at school today and was going to meet with the player. But due to the early dismissal the meeting had to be canceled. He offered to stay after school if anyone wanted to talk or meet with him.
  13. First, I 100% believe coach Woolf should have gotten the job. And it make me sad and angry he didn't get it. With that being said I know Matt Turner. And right or wrong he does not make a decision that he does not think out and believe it is what is best for Ryle and their students. I know it must have been one of the hardest things he has ever done to look coach Woolf in the eye and tell him he didn't get the job. He knows how much coach Woolf loves Ryle, their students and football. I hope and pray coach Woolf stays at Ryle. I know how much the students and players love him. But I would understand if he does not stay. But if you really know Matt Turner, you would know he made this choice because he in his heart he believes it was the right one.
  14. Welcome coach Engler. I wish you good luck. You have a Great group of young men to work with. You also have some Very good coaches that love Ryle and love teaching these young men about football and life. I will be rooting for you and your team.
  15. When my son graduated from Ryle there were maybe 25 students who got full rides for academics. I think there was 1 for football. I think TOG is saying you can get a great education at Boone County Schools. And getting a good education should be your first priority. At least that's the way I am reading it.
  16. If Fred Bernier is back as the Ryle Freshman coach, you will have to look out for them.
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