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  1. Thanks, let me know if hear about Dixie vs Campbell
  2. I was told that this is the way it was up until a few years ago.
  3. Have seen too many good players from Kenton Cty. cross over to hhs
  4. If the S.K. coaches are smart a lot of those Freshmen will be in the game aginst Newport. ( Lock them in)
  5. Dose anyone know the rule for players crossing county lines to play at a school
  6. Boones Head coach is rummored to be in the running for the Cooper job. Maybe he knows what life will be like without Farris
  7. He is a GREAT man. The most class I have met in NKY coaching. And I've been in NKY for 48 years. I hope the younger coaches learn from him.
  8. If Woolf gets the job half the Ryle will go with him
  9. GREAT job S.K. Looked like Coach Mueller was making all the calls for the Birds.
  10. I have only seen Beechwwod on t.v. New Cath. and Highlands from the sideline. If I were a betting man i would say 3 champs will come from NKY
  11. I've seen both teams play this year. Campbell was early in the season before Q.B. change. But if the same Dixie team shows up this friday that put it to Ryle last week this won't even be close.
  12. on the sideline for highlands, boone, dixie, ryle, and campbell , new cath could be 9 -0 if is wasn't for last second great play by ryle corner back to save the game. they are big, strong, one of the best coached teams i've seen.
  13. I've seen most of the top schools in the state this year. N.C. is very strong
  14. don't count hilly out for the playoffs
  15. Well I also believe Ryle beat every team in the east, most on their home fields. So I guess ryle is the second best team. (wasn't it Ryle who broke the 4 year win streak?)
  16. if highlands wanted to couldn't they play 6-a? and before you put boone in this group check out their freshmen and j.v teams ,very weak.
  17. back in the 70's the games were played at Comon Wealth
  18. With all this talk of the two best teams I thought there was a team from Union that went 8-1
  19. I heard that they will be play varsity and 6A
  20. Did anyone hear anything about Farris getting hurt???
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