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  1. If you were to ask any football coach in the Lexington area, they would agree that there has always been tons of talent and speed at Bryan Station. I guess I would have to say I am shocked too, but not suprised that this could happen to Highlands.
  2. This is not suprising.... BS is always loaded with athletes and it looks like they have finally got them to start playing in true form.
  3. Man, I am glad that I am not in NKY. Still suprised to see this post is still up.
  4. Did anyone see the game from last year??????????????? WC was up big at the half and that was at JC. Hello... this game is being played at Woodford. End of Story! WC 35 JC 6
  5. I heard that Woodford lost their QB early in the 1st half? If that is true, then I would think it may have been a bit more competative?
  6. Check back this time next Saturday... yet to be played.
  7. Also, I have noticed that some other schools are playing other teams outside the state. I am sure some of those games will be good games to watch too. But in my opinion, there is nothing better than see a good bowl game between two top notch programs in Kentucky.
  8. Well I don't know that much about Bishop Chatard, so I couldn't claim them playing in one of the best week 1 games. I could be wrong. What do you know about them?
  9. I pick the Blackcats in this one too. I believe that when they played each other in the 80's, they were some good games. Does anyone have any info going that far back?
  10. How many players did John Hardin lose from last year? I have heard they lost alot to graduation and then I heard they where returning everyone?
  11. Speaking of the Ray Correll Bowl, what kind of game will Somerset and South Western play?
  12. Don't know how I overlooked that one? Where is this game being played at?
  13. These are my top 10 games that I would recommend anyone to go watch. If you can think of any others, please post them on here and tell us why.
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