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  1. Redhounds hang on late to pull out the victory 28-24
  2. North is struggling to find its identity. John pulls away late to win by a comfortable margin John 35 North 14.
  3. Can you said Blow Out City for the Bluebirds. Highlands 45 Hop 7
  4. Ashand takes control late in the game to secure the win. Ashand 28 MC 14
  5. Danville 56 Fort Knox 0 hope the eagles can turn things around in the near future.
  6. One of the better match-ups this week in KY. GRC will need to play all 4 Qtrs without a lasp on special teams to win. GRC 24 MC 21
  7. The proposal was to increase the practice window from 15 days for 10 practices to 20 days. The current bylaw allows for 10 practices during a 15 school day window following your schools elimination from the basketball playoffs. The advantages would have been to allow teams to work around spring break schedules or bad weather. This year my school had to choose between practiceing one week take spring break week off and practice again or hope the two weeks following our spring break we had good weather with no tornados or storms. This is another example of the basketball coaches sticking it to football. Last year basketball got the seperation of football and basketball summer leagues pushed through,effectively killing 7-on-7 in June.
  8. Highlands is the better team, much was writing about the Colonels before the season started possibility being the best team in northern KY. Now 4 games into the season I think the Bluebirds have separated themselves from the rest of the field in NKY. Bluebirds 35 Colonels 14
  9. This game goes late into the 4th Qtr with X pulling out a hard fought win. St. X 21 Manual 17
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